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This is an interview with Logan Cunningham (http://twitter.com/#!/GlancingOnHuman), the voice of Rucks from the award winning XBOX 360 downloadable game: Bas.. Logan Cunningham is a voice actor, best known for his narration in all four of Supergiant Games' titles: Rucks Bastion (2011), Bastion Announcer Dota 2 (2012), The Transistor Transistor (2014), The Voice Pyre (2017), and The Storyteller Hades (2018). He is also credited for his work in Resonance (2012), Primordia (2012), and Gravity. Directed by Amir Rao. With Ashley Lynn Barrett, Logan Cunningham, Kristin Wilson. After a cataclysmic event, a boy wakes up and discovers the Bastion, a floating haven called home by a strange man named Rucks, and journeys the ruins of the old world to find shards to piece their world back together If Logan Cunningham wasn't already on your VA mount rushmore, start getting ready to carve a new part of that mountain. These characters are super diverse in terms of tone, delivery, attitude, and yet they're all perfectly portrayed. Charon is a bit of an outlier (for reasons that are clear if..

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Song bio and annotations may contain spoilers for Bastion Get Used To It is a monologue delivered by Rucks (played by Logan Cunningham). Rucks reminisces about the Old World — the. The voice of the narrator in Bastion may lead you to think Logan Cunningham must be this six-and-a-half-foot-tall 65-year-old grizzled dude with an awesome moustache but in fact he's a young man. We were very pleased, then, to feature Logan Cunningham in his first starring performance in a low budget/no budget game, which was our debut title, Bastion! To this end, when Logan first starting doing voiceover work for Bastion in early 2010, he only needed to step into Darren's bedroom to record since the two of them were roommates at the. We are very pleased, then, to feature Logan Cunningham in his first starring performance in a low budget/no budget game! To this end, when Logan first starting doing voiceover work for Bastion in early 2010, he only needed to step into Darren's bedroom to record since the two of them were roommates at the time. Trivi

How do people normally pronounces Daedalus? I've always pronounced it day-dah-lus That's how I've usually heard it, and I guess that's the closest to modern Greek out of the ones I mentioned A narrator voices over the entire RPG. Masterfully played by first-time videogame actor Logan Cunningham, Bastion 's gruff narrator is the game. His play-by-play turns what could have been just. I recorded the game with narrator audio only and everything else turned down to zero in the sound menu volume settings. Then I just cut out the silent parts. Logan Cunningham, the voice of Rucks from Bastion, has earned himself quite a following since his work on Supergiant Games' wildly successful action title.So when Supergiant announced their new.

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Voiceover work featuring fan-favorite Logan Cunningham (Bastion). Four simultaneously playable characters. Fully-voiced dialogue. A twisting, riveting storyline influenced by player decisions; Long and short term memory system - ask anybody about anything in the game! Over ten hours of gameplay! Reviews & Preview Bastion brings plenty of interesting and charming details while remaining a solid entry into the action rpg genre. expertly voiced by Logan Cunningham, fills you in with tidbits and details as. I mean, sure, the art style is stunning, and yes, the music is beautiful, and man, do I wish Logan Cunningham would narrate my life — but it's the sum of these parts that makes Bastion a great. Bastion was created by a team of seven people, who composed the studio Supergiant Games.It was the company's first game. The game was directed by Amir Rao and Greg Kasavin wrote the game's narration, which was spoken by Logan Cunningham. Jen Zee was the artist, Gavin Simon developed the gameplay, Andrew Wang helped develop the game, and Darren Korb handled the sound effects and music Transistor is the Spiritual Successor to Supergiant Games' previous hit Bastion, featuring the returning voice talent of Logan Cunningham as the titular weapon.In the city of Cloudbank, a young singer known as Red is attacked by a mysterious organization known as the Camerata. Somehow, she survives (although she loses her voice) but finds the dead body of a man she knows

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  1. Bastion is one of the best indie games I have played in recent years and the unique narration provided by Logan Cunningham and sublime soundtrack by Darren Korb were just begging to be combined in a remix album. I set out to create new versions of the tracks I could use in my DJ sets and create a new twist on the originals for fans of.
  2. Voiced wonderfully by Logan Cunningham, the narration in Bastion weaves through the entire game from start to finish while commenting on the player's every action as it happens. It's an unconventional means of storytelling (at least for a video game), but as with most voice over, the grisly-voiced narration provides details and background.
  3. Our narrator is voiced by Logan Cunningham, an actor based in New York. His performance in Bastion represents the first work he's done for a video game. If you wish to contact Logan regarding other acting opportunities, we'd be happy to put you in touch
  4. Bastion is approaching its 10-year anniversary this July, and it was the beginning of everything for Supergiant. Darren Korb and Logan Cunningham do music and voice work, respectively. Rao met Cunningham in youth soccer, and Rao had been playing Dungeons & Dragons with Korb since elementary school. Fun fact: they still play together to this.
  5. After a quick Google search to correct me that it was, in fact, NOT Ron Perlman but Logan Cunningham, I cranked the TV up and immersed myself into Bastion. Five Minutes In. As games go, I'm not impressed by 'realism' in graphics as much as I am about artistic style. Bastion is a straight up call back to classic PlayStation 1 era JRPG.

These members of Wormwood Studios were joined by composer Nathaniel Chambers and numerous voice actors, including Logan Cunningham (Bastion), Sarah Elmaleh (Gone Home), and Abe Goldfarb (the Blackwell series). The game also reflects the tireless work of an international team of testers Logan Cunningham. Trending: 1,176th This Week. Logan Cunningham is a voice actor known for voicing The Stranger / Rucks, and The Transistor. Take a visual walk through his career and see 15 images of the characters he's voiced Actor Logan Cunningham voices Rucks, the narrator of Supergiant Games' Bastion.Creating the character in collaboration with sound director Darren Korb and studio director Amir Rao added new dimensions to a long-standing friendship. The three first met on their neighborhood soccer field and in high school, growing up in San Jose

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Bastion didn't invent narrators, of course, but it did have the best-voiced one. I probably can't afford to Logan Cunningham's fees to narrate my daily life, can I. Bounty Of Blood is due to launch on June 25, coming in the season pass or sold separately for £12. After launching as an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, Borderlands 3 came to. The Bastion Cast. The Stranger / Rucks. voiced by Logan Cunningham. Zia. voiced by Ashley Barrett. Zulf. voiced by Darren Korb Much of the story's weight came thanks to the phenomenal voice acting of one Logan Cunningham, who took the role of Bastion's narrator, Rucks. Throughout your journey, his delightfully gravely voice and southern drawl recounted the tale of The Kid as you were playing it, both sharing background on the world and its former civilization as.

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Bastion if big on customization not only in weapons, but in the setting. The Bastion itself is the hub world in which everybody was told to go if something bad happened. Well, the Calamity happened (world torn asunder, very Final Fantasy 6 vibe) so naturally the Kid makes way his there Voiceover work starring fan favorite Logan Cunningham (Bastion) Gorgeous post-apocalyptic setting; Optional puzzles - learn more about the world the more you play; Reviews & Previews. A strong, atmospheric world that you can't help but want to experience more of.-Capsule Computers; Truly astounding.-Creative Gaming U

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Few booths were as busy at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East 2013 as that of Supergiant Games. Over the last two years, the Bastion creators have become indie superstars. Despite the circus, I found a few minutes to speak with Logan Cunningham, the voice of old man Rucks from Bastion, on how it feels to reprise his narrative role trapped inside of the eponymous weapon in Bastion's next venture. Part of this comes down to Logan Cunningham's narration. Unlike Bastion's all-seeing narrator, the Transistor has a physical presence in the game, though his exposition is clearly designed as a throwback to that most beloved aspect of the first game Bastion took 18 months to complete; Transistor's pre-production cycle alone took longer than that. may show that Transistor was our most important title because of its immediate success, says principal voice actor Logan Cunningham. Because it was just like, whatever else the team behind Bastion had next, there was a huge audience in. Bastion was one of my favourite games from its generation. Supergiant's gorgeous, stunningly scored isometric action-RPG absolutely captured my heart when I played it, and of course Logan Cunningham's rich narration helped seal the deal. And yet, Transistor has remained unplayed on my PS4 for years. I couldn't tell you why at all. It's tim Logan Cunningham as Rucks, Bastion - WINNER Steve Blum as Grayson Hunt, Bulletstorm. 20. Lead Performance in a Drama Aaron Staton as Cole Phelps, L.A. Noire - WINNER Adam Harrington as Roy Earle, L.A. Noire Troy Baker as Vincent Brooks, Catherine Billy Murray as Price, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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The Bastion Original Soundtrack features 22 tracks -- a full hour of original music by Darren Korb, including two bonus tracks not found in the game. Andrew Wang, Greg Kasavin, Darren Korb, Jen Zee and Logan Cunningham. Barcode and Other Identifiers. Matrix / Runout (Runout Side A): SGG-02-A PROPER STORY'S SUPPOSED TO START AT THE BEGINNING. Bastion was a gorgeous game. Its masterful blending of themes, music, gameplay, art and dynamic storytelling made it a critical darling, and briefly raised the profile and standing of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade scheme before it shot itself in both feet shortly thereafter. Thankfully, Logan Cunningham's powerful performance as. Maximum of Supergiant's crew individuals got here from Rao's business contacts, however the final two have been his formative years buddies; Darren Korb and Logan Cunningham do tune and voice paintings, respectively. Rao met Cunningham in early life football, and Rao were taking part in Dungeons & Dragons with Korb since fundamental faculty Rarely does a development studio nail so many elements of game design, but Supergiant Games did so with Bastion, the team's debut title. At launch, one of the game's most lauded aspects was its sound design, namely Logan Cunningham's gravelly narration and Darren Korb's eclectic score Bastion Original Soundtrack, an Album by Darren Korb. Released 5 August 2011. Genres: Video Game Music, Folktronica, Downtempo. Rated #39 in the best albums of 2011, and #5446 of all-time album.. Featured peformers: Darren Korb (writer, producer, recorder), Jen Zee (artwork)

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In a sense, Bastion was a game about growth—over the course of the game, The Kid would bring back items and characters to the Bastion, which allowed it to grow and flourish. In a metaphorical. Faith Of Jevel (1:31) 10. Mine, Windbag, Mine (3:06) 11. Slinger's Song (4:07) 12. Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) (2:45) 13. Spike In A Rail (2:54) 14. What's Left Undone (0:22) 15. Brusher Patrol (4:32) 16. The Mancer's Dilemma (2:02) 17. Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme) (2:17) 18 With the voice, Bastion isn't just a great game, it's a work of art. Never before had I anticipated a person's name in the credits of a game, just so I could seek them out online and see what they've done and what they will do. I would be absolutely astonished and floored if this is the last we hear of Logan Cunningham The First Annual New York Games Awards took place in February 2012 at NYU's Cantor Film Center. 21 games journalists voted on the award winners, and about 250 guests attended. Logan Cunningham, narrator of Bastion, served as the host

Commercial (2 Vinyl (12 33⅓ rpm)) published by Supergiant Games on Jun 2017 containing original soundtrack, vocal from Bastion with compositions by Darren Korb performed by Logan Cunningham, Ashley Barrett, Darren Kor Reviews and scores for Games involving Logan Cunningham Narrator: Logan Cunningham. Bastion. Bastion is an action role-playing video game developed by independent developer Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In the game, the player controls the Kid as he moves through floating, fantasy-themed environments and fights enemies of various types recording of: Get Used to It ( Bastion) lyricist: Greg Kasavin. composer: Darren Korb ( American video game music composer) part of: Bastion ( Video Game Soundtrack) 0:54

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for me hell yessss Logan Cunningham's excellent narration, combined with the blocks' tumbling into place, creates the feeling that you're guiding the Kid through a living storybook as it's being written. Contrary to marketing materials suggesting a dynamic, fluid narrative, much of the narration appears to be scripted so that lines are delivered when the. Actor Logan Cunningham at the Supergiant Games booth during the E3 Expo In what ways did you feel the personality of Bastion 's narrator would be valuable in supporting the storyline of the game Greschner, after writing an impassioned email to Bastion developer Supergiant Games, got just that. Logan Cunningham, the game's narrator, recorded a set of unique voice clips for Greschner's. In Transistor, the voice-over character (who is voiced by the same actor behind Bastion 's narrator, Logan Cunningham) has more of a symbiotic relationship with the protagonist. He exists in the.

Hades wins South By Southwest Game of the Year for 2021. I am not surprised that Supergiant has been consistently releasing quality games since their first, Bastion. Listening to Logan Cunningham again is nothing but a treat, be it in Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Hades, literally everything he's in. Credit: SXSW Supergiant has released great games [ The game sees the return of the voice actor who played Bastion's narrator, Logan Cunningham, though he won't be assuming the same omniscient position this time. Watch Transistor at work in the. Bastion: Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb, released 05 August 2011 1. Get Used to It 2. A Proper Story 3. In Case of Trouble 4. Bynn the Breaker 5. The Sole Regret 6. Twisted Streets 7. Terminal March 8. Percy's Escape 9. Faith of Jevel 10. Mine, Windbag, Mine 11. Slinger's Song 12. Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) 13. Spike in a Rail 14 Logan Cunningham, the voice of Rucks in Bastion, has confirmed on Twitter that he's working on Transistor in a vocal capacity. Yeah, I'm out. Figure everyone else would like this tho

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Bastion's story was entirely narrated with the voice of the character Rucks (played by Logan Cunningham) set in an isometric world liberally splashed with artistic strokes full of colour, and the combination gave way to a style of game that seems to be a Supergiant Games recipe: that of the playable graphic novel, where gameplay walks hand-in. Now as awesome as the soundtrack for Bastion is, we all know the thing that makes the game is the narration by Logan Cunningham. So I thought why not get in touch and see if we could get the. Starring Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham as Horatio, the robot. News by Jeffrey Matulef, Contributor Updated on 16 August 2012. Primordia - an upcoming sci-fi point-and-click. Logan Cunningham, who provided the voice of Bastion's narrator, will again be lending his talent as the Transistor in the new game, though Kasavin made it clear that they did not want Cunningham to simply reprise the same role. We see [the Transistor] as a very different character

The sweeping, futuristic cityscape is a grittier place than the post-Calamity world of Bastion. Though Logan Cunningham once again lends his smoke-and-whiskey rasp to the game, Transistor's. The game brings back the vocal talents of Logan Cunningham who plays the eponymous Transistor, as well as the musical talents of Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett. Check out the launch trailer below Bastion Demonstrating the range of indie offerings, Darren Korb's Bastion soundtrack brings an acoustic, trip-hop Western twinge to Supergiant's dreamy RPG from 2011. It would be no stretch to suggest that Korb's guitar-heavy ballads, with vocals from Zia (Ashley Barrett) and the narrator, Rucks (Logan Cunningham), were instrumental in. Logan Cunningham, known as the voice behind Bastion narrator Rucks, is lending his pipes to an interactive radio drama for iOS, Codename Cygnus Supergiant Games and memorable voice acting go hand-in-hand, and the same goes for Logan Cunningham, the actor behind Bastion's narrator, Transistor's Transistor, and Hades' stubborn dark.

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Logan Cunningham. Logan Cunningham is an American actor and voice artist. He is currently the voice actor in residence at video independent videogame developer Supergiant Games, and has roles in each of their games, such as the narrator in Bastion and playing Lord Hades in Hades Logan Cunningham, the voice of Rucks, overlays the environments, and as the Kid explores he is constantly providing information in regards to the Calamity, the Bastion, but also commentating on what the player may be doing in that instance as well Bastion, from indie studio Supergiant Games, came out on Xbox Live Arcade July 20th. And I still play it. If you haven't, you should be at least moderately ashamed of your self (first) and g

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama that uses speech recognition to cast you as the secret agent in a branching story. Use your voice to operate the game on your iPhone/iPad for a high quality acoustic experience of dialogue performance, sound effects, and music Logan Cunningham (the voice of The Narrator and Rucks in Bastion) will host. Bastion's Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett will perform music from the game during the event. Bastion is not only a terrific game. It features pitch perfect acting by Logan Cunningham and what should be Grammy-nominated music by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett

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Editor's note: We previously said that Logan Cunningham - Bastion's narrator - wasn't in Pyre, but it turns out he is. It's just that he sounds very, very different! We've since corrected the review From our point of view as a team, audio is a really important part of creating an immersive, atmospheric experience, and everything I do as audio director is in service of that. Supergiant is based in of San Francisco, but Logan Cunningham (our talented voice actor) and I are all the way in New York If you've played a title from Supergiant Games, you've heard the work of Logan Cunningham. Logan has lent his voice to numerous characters throughout Supergiant's lineup. From Bastion all the way up to Hades, Cunningham has been there. He's got some serious range on his voice, and manages to create some really unique characters with his pipes voiced by Logan Cunningham Now The Kid sees somethin' stranger still; his mind races. Did anyone else survive? Sure enough, he finds another. He finds me.-- The Stranger Rucks is the narrator of the game Bastion, first introduced as The Stranger. He is the first survivor of the Calamity that The Kid meets

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  1. When she's ambushed by them, she loses her voice but finds a giant sword, the titular Transistor, voiced by Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham. Combat seems to take place on a tactical grid and is.
  2. Few indie developers can hold a candle to Supergiant Games' ability to make a first impression. When it released as a premiere title on Xbox Live Arcade back in 2011, Bastion stole the hearts.
  3. The most divisive element of Transistor, as with Bastion, will be its voiceover.Where Bastion featured Logan Cunningham's gruff, dynamic narration describing the events that unfurled onscreen.
  4. Not only was Korb in charge of music, but he also directed the player-reactive narrator, voiced by Logan Cunningham, who perfected 3,000 lines of Bastion narration in Korb's closet
  5. Format: CD, Year: 2011, Label: Supergiant Games, Barcode: 700261336923, Length: 1:00:2
  6. Bastion is approaching its 10-year anniversary this July, and it was the beginning of everything for Supergiant. The narrated action/RPG not only helped establish the studio, but set the standard for what we'd come to expect in terms of art, music, narrative, and gameplay - especially the way all these elements combine to create impact in.

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The Audio Director of Supergiant Games talks Bastion, Transistor and Pyre's music composition. When Darren Korb was attending New York University, he never thought that he'd end up merging his two passions in one full time dream job: composing music for video games. But when his buddy from way back in the day, Amir Rao, came to him with the. Overview. Bastion is a cool and stylish action RPG taking place in a post-apocalyptic world and involving several cool features, such as a customizable central hub (the Bastion itself), which expands as the player progresses. The feature that best characterizes the game best is the narrator, dubbed the 'dynamic narration' system. A wise old man called Rucks, who you meet in the game, takes. Fans of Bastion will also recognize voice actor Logan Cunningham, giving the proper amount of tone to the sword that helps you along in your journey. (He previously provided the continuous commentary for Bastion - this may be a different role for him, but it fits him well.) Where Transistor manages to really shake things up is in its combat As for the narration, Logan Cunningham's deep lines actually respond to your actions, react to your weapon and customisation decisions, and tell the whole story through the eyes of Rucks Bastion review (Xbox 360) Reviewed July 26, 2011 Jason Venter says: As you run around each gorgeous environment, admiring the dense foliage or the imposing brambles or the stone walls or whatever else, the path ahead of you fills in abruptly. Tiles fly up from beneath the screen, as if drawn to you like magnets. Logan Cunningham is.

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