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  2. 46 Weird and Interesting Ecuador Facts. 1. Ecuador's Official Name. Official Name: Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: República del Ecuador) 2. Ecuador has 4 World Heritage Sites. Ecuador has four world heritage sites: Galapagos Islands, Sangay National Park, City of Quito and the City of Cuenca. 3
  3. Ecuador is also full of other historical figures, including Stalins (18,728), Vladimirs (1,518), Leons (860), Roosevelts (587), Hitlers (560), Maos (122) and Trotskys (22). The names aren't.
  4. Therefore, in the list of frequent names for girls in Ecuador we do not find any strange names, but rather con compound names that know tradition and simplicity. And in most girl names the classic Maria appears. Frequent names for girl in Ecuador. 1. María Fernanda. The name finds a Hebrew origin in Mary and a Germanic origin in Fernanda
  5. Given Names. In Ecuador, many given names are usually derived from biblical names, such as José (Joseph, husband of Mary) or from the names of a saint, such as Bartolomé (Bartholomew). Some Spanish people used compound given names (nombres compuestos) such as María del Socorro. When baptized, children were usually given one or more given names

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  1. Ecuadorians won't use their friends' first names They will just call everyone mijin. 17. Ecuadorians are not paying attention They get eleven or they are a fly (se ponen once o están mosca). 18. Ecuadorians don't have bad luck They are salty (están salados). 19. Ecuadorians are not cheated by someon
  2. 19 Weird and Exotic Fruits of Loja, Ecuador. In Ecuador they often blend it up with some water and honey or sugar to make a very refreshing drink. 3. Ciruelas Amarillas (literally means yellow plums, but commonly known as Jocote) 10. Noni (has various English names, including Noni and Cheese Fruit).
  3. Transnistria is not only having this name but it has some more weird and difficult names. This country is also known as Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Transdniester, Trans-Dniestr and Pridnestrovie. There are very few people who have heard about it as it is a self proclaimed republic. 18)
  4. Puerto Ayora, Ecuador The Cracks - Las Grietas These mammoth-yet-narrow crevasses in the Earth are perfect for taking an otherworldly swim
  5. Ecuador has some breathtaking volcanoes and mountains that should be visited some of them if you can, but you must acclimate your body by staying in cities like Quito or Cuenca some days before starting a hike or climb. Otherwise, you may experience symptoms headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, and breathlessness
  6. Naranjilla Pronounced nah-rahn-hee-yah, and yet another example of the linguistic confusion many visitors to Ecuador may experience in getting to know Ecuadorian fruit, naranjilla has a name similar to naranja, which means orange, but only because of its color. However, unlike tomate de árbol, this is actually a relative of the tomato

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The strange candy loved by many Australians and New Zealanders may be off-putting to others. Musk sticks are basically pink cylinders made of gelatin and icing sugar with a musk-like essence. [6] The candy dissolves slowly in the mouth, and many people associate the taste with a strong cologne Colada morada takes its name from its dark color (morada or a deep violet) and is made with up to half a dozen fruits, the most important of which are Ecuador's own blueberry, known as the mortiño - a smaller version of the traditional blueberry that many visitors are familiar with Dreamstime The Panama hat is actually from Ecuador. 15. Ecuador is the world's largest exporter of bananas, accounting for up to 29% of all bananas exported in 2011. (Source: FAOstat) 16. Ecuador was voted as the best country for expats for two years running in 2014 and 2015. It consistently ranks among the top ten countries, ranking 8th in the latest index in 2019 5. The equator runs through Ecuador. Another one of those fun facts about Ecuador that most people know. It's a pretty obvious fact about Ecuador, but yeah - in case you didn't know, the equator practically splits the country in two. Its official name is Republica del Ecuador - the Republic of the Equator. 6 Ecuador Food & Delicacies: Top 7 Ecuadorian Food Dishes. Ecuadorian Food is known for its versatile culinary pattern that differs from highlands to the coastal regions. From dishes prepared with potatoes, beans, herbs in the sierra cities to seafood and spices with coconut milk near coastal areas, you will soon find that major restaurants and.

2. Ecuador is the only country in the world named after a geographical feature. The official name of Ecuador is República del Ecuador, which literally means The Republic of the Equator. The equator runs through the country and, in fact, there's a large monument about 45 minutes away from Quito where you can stand in both the Northern. This name is a classic example of an underused golden oldie that ticks so many boxes - unusual yet traditional, heaps of cute nicknames, a statement name that exudes retro cool. Aloysius is the Latin form of many more common names like Louis, Luis, Luigi and the uncommon but symphonically familiar Ludwig The Andean Fox is a wild animal in Ecuador that greatly resembles the red fox. This fox is scientifically known as Lycalopex culpaeus. Other names used to refer to the Andean Fox are Culpeo and Culpeo zorro. The domesticated species of the Andean fox is referred to as Fuegian dog. The Andean fox is a species of wild dog widely found in South.

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Birds of Ecuador. The aim of this gallery is to market my pictures to a wide audience. It is also to give visitors an idea of the great diversity this small country has to offer and that is why some images of rather poor quality have been included. As of mid October 2020 these galleries have pictures of 1300 species all taken in mainland Ecuador Ecuador is a country in South America. It is bordered by Colombia to the north and Peru to the south. The west coast of Ecuador borders the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands that are more than 600 miles west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean are also part of Ecuador. The climate of Ecuador is very diverse. The Pacific coast is tropical The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Ecuador is Friday, July 5th, 1940. How unique is the name Ecuador? From 1880 to 2019 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Ecuador. Hoorah! You are a unique individual. Weird things about the name Ecuador: The name spelled backwards is Rodauce Ecuador Facts - Top 10 Interesting Facts about Ecuador. Darwin's Breakthrough Happened in Ecuador - At the Galapagos Islands. 6% of People in Ecuador Speak 1 of 13 Native Dialects. Ecuador Was at War with Peru for over 100 Years until 1998. Ecuador Exports $2 Trillion Worth of Bananas Every Year This is a list of all verifiable organizations that claim to be a Masonic Grand Lodge. A Masonic Grand Lodge (or sometimes Grand Orient) is the governing body that supervises and governs the individual Lodges of Freemasons in any particular geographical area or jurisdiction, (usually corresponding to a national boundary or other major political unit)

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  1. Ecuador got its name after the equator. Ecuador is named after the imaginary line that divides the Earth's northern and southern hemispheres. In fact, the name borrows from the Spanish El Ecuador, which directly translates to The Equator. After the war for independence, they converted the name El Ecuador to Republic of.
  2. By Lance Brashear Visitors arriving in Ecuador are often amazed at the country's wild and exotic fruit. Both strange and delicious, many varieties bear little resemblance to what they know and love back home. An example is the granadilla, cousin of the passion fruit. To eat it, one is required to break open a har
  3. g, or absolutely ridiculous. So without any further ado, I'd like to present 8 things you should know about Ecuadorians before beco
  4. Among the mysterious 350 artifacts, there is one item that has baffled researchers since its discovery. A mysterious stone pyramid about 25 cm tall. Among the artifacts discovered there is another item that challenges archaeologists. A small artifact depicting a Royal cobra, The royal cobra is native to the South-Eastern parts of Asia, and.
  5. Martínez. 1.6. 10. Sepúlveda. 1.6. Top 10. 24.2. Note: The source (Civil Registry and Identification Service) does not mention the reference year (it was published in 2008) or whether the count includes only the first surname or both surnames (Chile uses two surnames, but the second one is rarely mentioned). It is assumed the first table.
  6. The table indicates how many records the collection has from each place. Most of the records in the collection are from the time periods listed in the table; however, the collection may have a few records from before or after the time period. Locality. Baptisms, 1680-1930. Marriages, 1680-1930. Deaths, 1800-1920

Ecuador celebrates New Year's buy putting behind the bad things from the past. Dummy bodies are built, often with depictions of political figures, and dressed in old clothing to be burnt as a symbol of moving on to better things. In Quito, the Amazonas street is full of people celebrating. Widows of the year, who are actually men. 8. Bed Racing. One of the most unusual sports - The Bed Racing has been embraced by the people of the North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough. The first race in 1965 was only open to Army, Navy and American Marines, but now the competition is open to anyone.The competitors race in teams of five, plus one on the bed

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Hello, Mary B, Mary P, and Mary W! During the 1950s, 625,568 babies were named Mary, the most popular girls name of the decade, but less than 20,000 young ladies were dubbed with any of the names listed below. Some of the more old fashioned choices make sense (sorry Mildred), but we were definitely surprised by the beautiful name ranked at 200 Another famous comfort food in Ecuador is the arroz con leche. It is a sweet rice pudding served with raisins and cinnamon. It is very similar to arroz en leche, one of the most common Guatemalan desserts. From the name meaning rice with milk, arroz con leche is made with milk, rice, cinnamon and sugar Popular Black name: Tyvek: Blacks: Refers to unusual names given to many black men; actually, a material used by Du Pont for large mailing envelopes. Ubangi: Blacks: A river in Africa. Uncle Ben: Blacks: Black man on the famous rice box. Uncle Tom: Blacks: Blacks who suck up to white people Uncommon names for female dogs might be drawn from nature—with options like Briar, Flora, and Rayne making an appearance on our list. Or, you might choose to play up your girl pup's cuteness with a name like Beebee or Keke. Lottie. Fern. Norah Random address in Ecuador. Street: . City: Pichincha State/province/area: Quito Phone number (593) (2) 2065264. Country calling code +593. Country Ecuador; Street: Av J Tanca Marengo Km 6.5 Cdla Sta Adriana Mz C V 3 City: Guayas State/province/area: Guayaquil Phone number (593- 4 ) 225565878 225419578. Country calling code +593. Country Ecuador.

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And each region of Ecuador has their own superstitions and traditions that are unique to them. But of course when I sit down to write about it I can't think of them all. If you know of any Ecuadorian superstitions or traditions please tell us about it in the comment box below Racial Slur Of The Day. Slur. Represents. Reason & Origins. 10% Off. Jews. Refers to circumcision and consumerism (never pay retail). The term is most widely used in the UK where circumcision among non-Jews or non-Muslims is more rare, but in the United States, where it is more common, it can be considered insulting to many non-Jewish males as.

F. denticulata can be found in nurseries under some unusual names, but they are not the correct name. F. ayavacensis grows in Peru and Ecuador. (FRI) F. campii is Ecuadorian also. (LAMB) F. crassistipula is Colombian. Bolivia is F. furfuraceas's home. F. dependens- Ecuador (FUSCA) (FUSCA) Ecuador again for F. lehmannii 4. Andean Cock of the Rock. This bird is one of the strange looking birds because of the unusual shape of its crest. It has a crescent-shaped crest that is bright orange in colour with grey feathers and black plumage on the body. The female too has a crest but it is smaller and dull as compared to the male Found exclusively on the coasts of Colombia and Ecuador, this unusual bird has a crest on the top of its head that screams Elvis, and the males have a long throat wattle that is a little more. The majority of Ecuador's population is descended from a mixture of both European and Amerindian ancestry. The other 10% of Ecuador's population originate east of the Atlantic Ocean, predominantly from Spain, Italy, Lebanon, France and Germany.Around the Esmeraldas and Chota regions, the African influence would be strong among the small population of Afro-Ecuadorians that account for no more.

Funny hair salon names are also easier for people to remember as it evokes an emotion and not just the rational brain. Some of the funniest hair salon names really make me laugh though and I leave it to you if that's the first impression you want to give or not . Let's look at a list of fun and quirky hair salon names The largest bird nest on record was a Bald Eagle nest found in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1963. It was 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep. 10. Hummingbird nests are tiny (and adorable). Wikimedia. Other Fun Holidays around July 9 8 Jul Video Games Day. Pick up your console and play your favorite video game on this fun holiday. 8 Jul Math 2.0 Day. Celebrate the intersection between mathematics and technology today Native to the valleys of Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador—and subsequently grown in Chile and Peru—this oval fruit can weigh up to 5 pounds and consists of a smooth, green skin and plump white.

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1. Lantern Fly. Yep - this is an actual real insect, not a strange photoshop job crossing a moth with a peanut. This odd insect's name came about because of a mistaken belief that their heads were bioluminescent, but this has proven to be untrue.. A member of the Fulgoridae family, it is unclear exactly why the lantern fly has such a strange, bulbous head Fact 14: With a GDP of $1.3 trillion, Spain is the 13th largest economy in the world. It also has a very high Human Development Index, landing at 23rd position worldwide. Fact 15: Madrid is the capital city of Spain with a population of 3.2 million. It was called Ursaria (land of bears) by the Romans because of the many bears in the area Ecuador is roughly the size of Colorado and is bordered by Colombia and Peru. The high Andes Mountains form the backbone of the country. Cotopaxi in the Andes is the highest active volcano in the world. The Galápagos Islands, 596 miles (960 kilometers) west of the mainland of Ecuador are part of Ecuador and are home to unique reptiles, birds. Canada's trusted source for breaking news, local news, weird news, national and global politics, events, and more from the world's top media outlets

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Alba, an 11 year old girl, has to move to her father's house due to her mother's illness. She barely knows him and sharing time with him at home feels weird. Both are shy, both feel lonely but they can't find a way to approach each other. Director: Ana Cristina Barragán | Stars: Macarena Arias, Pablo Aguirre Andrade, Amaia Merino, Isabel Borja Ecuadorball, officially the Koral Tea Republic of Colombiaball Ecuadorball is a countryball located in South America. His president is a commie clay is bordered by Colombiaball to the North, Peruball to the South and East, and the Pacific to the West. The country is divided into 24 provinces, along with his capital Quitoball, giving him a total area of 109,484 square miles, making him the 73rd. iPhone 12 mini Ecuador Football Jersey 2021 Ecuador Soccer Case. $17.99. $17. . 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 22. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon You also get the digital editions of both Strange Religion and Strange Wars in Kindle/mobi format and print-ready PDF format, plus your name in the acknowledgements of both titles! Includes: 5× Vote on a theme! 2× Suggest a theme! Strange Religion, digital edition Strange Wars, digital edition Your name in acknowledgements of both book

10 really popular Ecuadorian slang words and phrases to know. Gritty Spanish talks about some important Ecuadorian slang words with examples how to use eac And each region of Ecuador has their own superstitions and traditions that are unique to them. But of course when I sit down to write about it I can't think of them all. If you know of any Ecuadorian superstitions or traditions please tell us about it in the comment box below

Ecuador may be small in size but is gigantic in terms of natural diversity. Spot rare orchids, exotic birds, unusual insects and fascinating mammals. Hike steep volcanoes, trek through dense cloud forests and try surfing on the Pacific coast; Ecuador has it all The Kingdom of Strange Names Posted on January 9, 2007 by glasscastle CARACAS, Venezuela - As university students clashed with the police in this country last May, attention focused not just on their demands to hold elections without government meddling but also on the names of the two leaders organizing the protests: Nixon Moreno and Stalin Gon

Alternative Names Republic of Ecuador, República del Ecuador (official name, in Spanish), El Ecuador Orientation Identification. In 1830, Ecuador took its name from the Spanish word for the equator, which crosses the entire northern sector. The three mainland regions are referred to as the Coast, the Sierra, and Amazonia, or the Oriente (east) Weird laws in Germany. It's illegal to run out of gas on the autobahn, as well as to walk along it. Weird laws in Switzerland. You cannot flush a toilet in an apartment building after 10pm. Weird laws in Austria. You can be fined and/or booted off a train if you are making out or eating something considered too smelly. Weird laws in Ital 10 Louis Vivet. Photo credit: Henri Bourru & Prosper-Ferdinand Burot. One of the first recorded cases of multiple personalities belonged to Frenchman Louis Vivet. Born to a prostitute on February 12, 1863, Vivet was neglected as a child. By the time he was eight, he had turned to crime 8. Huitlacoche, Mexico. Corn smut is a fungus that turns normal corn kernels into tumour-like growths covered in blue-black spores. It may look (and certainly sound) like a disgusting food - something like a diseased corncob that needs to be thrown out - but many find it to be a delectable delight

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Ecuador's Moreno names sixth health minister amid pandemic fallout. QUITO (R) - Ecuador's president on Thursday appointed the country's sixth health minister in four years after firing his predecessor after just weeks on the job following complaints that COVID-19 vaccination efforts had left elderly people waiting in line for hours The names are meaningful with a distinct flavor, and they sound pleasing upon pronunciation. Brazilian baby names have an exotic element that is associated with the rich heritage and culture of Brazil. It is a country where the official language is Portuguese, and it influences Brazilian names Other Religious Beliefs In Ecuador. Other religious affiliations in Ecuador include Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Latter-day Saints, Baha'i and Apostolic Faith. All of these religious affiliations consist of small groups who have been slowly integrated into the Ecuadorian society. The 'Other' group accounts for 2% of the population in the country It has plates in the middles with numbers rather than names and one has to constantly look back and forth to match them. There are currently no real good options for Ecuador birds. Someone needs to be working on a field guide like The Birds of Costa Rica A Field Guide which is user friendly and can be used in the field Ecuador is a very affordbale retirement option while still maintaining a high standard of living. A couple can live very well in Ecuador for between $1,600-$2,400 per month while the figure for a single person living in the town of Cuenca is $1,440 per month

The story of Father Crespi is a mysterious and controversial account of a priest in Ecuador involving claims of unknown civilizations, strange golden artifacts, a subterranean cave system containing a metallic library, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, symbols depicting an unknown language, evidence of extra-terrestrial contact, and a Vatican conspiracy involving. Ecuador has some very tasty and very strange combinations in their cuisine. You can expect to find some lemon marinated shrimps, toasted corn on the cob and a huge variety of pastries filled with all types of different stuffing. As with all other places in the world, Christmas is celebrated in Ecuador Ecuador Travel Blog Travel Tips. Blog Posts, Facts, Guides, Destinations, News, Advice, Humor and Information. Funny Travel Photos and Videos plus Weird, Unusual Stories

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Las Peñas neighborhood, Guayaquil - one of the best and most interesting places to explore in Ecuador. Guayaquil is a wonderful city in itself, but one of its historic neighborhoods stands out as something truly special. Made up of colorful colonial houses with flora seeping from window boxes, Las Peñas will charm you the second you set foot in its colorful narrow streets The Dracula (genus) part of its name refers to the strange characteristic of the two long spurs of the sepals, reminiscent of the fangs of a certain Transylvanian count of film and fiction fame. The Cloud Forests near Mindo, located just two hours from Quito, have an impressive variety of orchids The one on the left just looks like it got weird lizard face from a bad rendering. Google/Wikipedia says it's an Assyrian/Mesopotamian deity, called Nisroch in the Bible but that name is probably a mistranslation; is possibly the god of agriculture. Search for 'pre Colombian Columbian Ecuador art' and it looks cool as hell but nothing. Ecuador - Ecuador - The arts: Ecuador has a rich tradition of folk art. Quito was a colonial centre of wood carving and painting, and artisans still produce replicas of the masterpieces of the Quito school. Certain mestizo and indigenous communities have specialized in particular crafts, such as agave-fibre bags near Riobamba and Salcedo; wood carving at Ibarra; leatherwork at Cotacachi. See the most popular baby names in 2017, reported by BabyCenter moms from various countries around the world. For even more ideas, check out these baby naming inspiration lists . And be sure to try our Baby Names Finder , which lets you research names by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables, and more

A Tainted Witness. Despite Donziger's current predicament, the case against Chevron in Ecuador was a spectacular victory. The twisted legal saga began in 1993, when Donziger and other attorneys. Ecuador Wildlife & Animals. The stunning biodiversity of Ecuador owes to its three different ecological zones in the mainland - coastal plains, Andean paramo, and tropical rainforest - and the pristine Galapagos Islands. Among the dense trees, towering highlands, turquoise waters, and coastal habitats live thousands of native and endemic. Mortality records from the supposedly longevous population of Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador were evaluated for the period 1907 through 1979. Records from the nearby urban center of Loja were also recorded. These records were used to calculate life expectancy tables using a revision of the synthetic cohort method that involved reverse summation The 1 cm isopic, that is, the area that is more than 1 cm thick, covers 1.6 million km², equivalent to 6 times the surface of Ecuador. According to Bablon et al. (2020), the co-ignimbrite has an approximate volume of 120-155 km³

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It's time for a quick lesson on Spanish! Ecuador translates to equator in the language, but this isn't a strange coincidence. The equator is the imaginary horizontal line that separates Earth's two hemispheres, Northern and Southern. The line runs right through Ecuador, which explains the choice of name! 4 13 Awesome Galapagos Tortoise Facts 1. Galapagos is named after its tortoises. The word Galapagos comes from the old Spanish word galapago, which the original explorers used to mean saddle due to the shape of the tortoise's shells. When the islands were first discovered, people used to ride the saddleback tortoises; however, this is now illegal because it's very bad for the. Guinea Pig Ice Cream Becoming A Cool New Treat In Ecuador. I was suspicious, but it was tasty, one skeptical customer told the Associated Press. In this Sept. 28, 2019 photo, Maria del Carmen Pilapana tops a scoop of a guinea pig flavored ice cream with peanuts, at her stall on the outskirts of Quito, Ecuador Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook. Tucked in between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America and yet the one with the most biodiversity per square kilometer. Ecuador and Galapagos are must-visit places and this itinerary covers both. Its peculiar location, right on the Equator, and it's unique geography that includes the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands, all.

Although Ecuador is one of the smaller countries in South America, it boasts an incredible diversity of habitats that support a fantastic array of wildlife. With a list of more than 1500 species of birds, many of which are shared only with adjacent Columbia or Peru, it is difficult to imagine a more exciting birding destination The following day, Ecuador's Ministry of Energy and Non-renewable Resources announced, on Twitter, a plan to appeal the decision. After the verdict, though, the mood of the Waoranis gathered in.

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Spotify - https://Shuffle.lnk.to/Music↪︎ Stream/Buy Song - https://altramodamusic.lnk.to/Q7jcvDancers Gabby J Davidhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmLVl.. The Akaushi race manages to serve the premium market of countries like Brazil, Australia, and the United States, and also in the future ours. #Repost @territoriodacarne (@get_repost) ・・・ The name may be weird but they say we'll hear a lot about it! . They arrived in Brazil in June 2016

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Gonow, officially known as Zhejiang Gonow Automobile Corporation, as the name implies, is an automobile manufacturer. The company mainly specializes in producing the most reliable, powerful and fuel-efficient SUVs and commercial vehicles and is a subsidiary of the famous GAC group. The company produces more than 200,000 vehicles per year How Safe is Ecuador? Ecuador has its problems, but that hasn't stopped hotspots like the Galapagos from seeing growing numbers of visitors over the past couple of years. Fortunately, most of the crime in Ecuador doesn't have anything to do with travelers - government corruption is a common complaint, but chances are you won't have a run-in with the Ecuadorian administration Unusual Antenna (Google Maps). I assume this is an antenna, It is at the very top of the ridge. I've not encountered one in this configuration. 50 meters across. Any ideas Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina. See Mor

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Buy Ecuadorian Mushrooms. Buy Ecuadorian Mushrooms.A psilocybe cubensis from Ecuador, Ecuadorian magic mushrooms, is one of the famous strains.It's a mountain variety that produces big shrooms, even with extreme conditions. The hybrid strain ample length makes it among the largest yet potent cubensis strains 10 Strange Facts About Gold. Gold has captured the imagination of people for centuries. It has religious significance to many and aesthetic appeal to others. Even children show an interest in gold when they paint pictures where gold is the prize at the end of the rainbow. There are many interesting facts about gold that will intrigue and amaze you Wildlife trafficking is thought to be the third most valuable illicit commerce in the world, after drugs and weapons, worth an estimated $10 billion a year, according to the U.S. State Department The city of Manta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ecuador with great beaches and great tour operators offering water sports and a variety of trips and activities. Manta is home to a seaport, which means that it is one of the important commercial hubs in the country. With the ability to house so many large ships it's a popular.

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