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Lowest Price Electric Fly Killers Next Day Delivery. Sale Now On Save £5 When You Spend £50 at Swell Reptiles. Don't Miss Out - Limited Time Only. Lowest Price Guarantee On 1000s Of Products. Found It Cheaper Elsewhere? We'll Beat It Designed to target the Queensland fruit fly and the Mediterranean fruit fly. Organic liquid does not contain any pesticides and will continue to work even when many flies have drowned in the liquid. The smell of the liquid lures the fruit fly into a specially designed trap. The Cera Trap Organic Fruit Fly Trap is an innovative, highly effective. Extremely effective trap for male Queensland fruit fly. Targets only male Queensland fruit fly so safe for beneficial insects like bees. Wick lasts for 3 months with replacements available. Covers an area of approximately 400m2. Insecticide is contained inside the trap and doesn't make contact with plants or fruit The Citrus Gall Wasp & Fruit Fly Trap from The Buzz protects citrus crops from damage by insect pests, including citrus gall wasps. The trapping system uses specially formulated insect lure together with a long-lasting adhesive that is designed to be used in all weather conditions

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  1. Cera Trap® is an effective and environmentally appropriate solution to the problem of Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni). This refill pack contains one litre of the unique protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to both female and male fruit fly and once the lid is removed.
  2. Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control contains spinosad, an insecticide derived from naturally occurring beneficial soil bacteria. Combined with a protein and sugar-based bait, which fruit flies can detect from several metres away, it is an effective, low toxic solution., meaning no withholding period - edibles can be eaten straight away
  3. Eco-friendly and poison free. Contains 2 traps. Attracts and traps kitchen fruit flies. The Buzz Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap attracts and traps fruit flies in the kitchen. Eco-friendly and poison free, the trap is easy to use - just add the non-toxic attractant (included) to help rid your kitchen of pesky fruit flies
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  5. Mid-range: Fruit fly traps in the middle tier cost between $3 and $5 per trap. These traps will use bait to attract the fruit flies to fly paper and may be hung or placed on a counter. Most will be disposable. Highest quality: These fruit fly traps may cost anywhere from $10 to $40
  6. How to make it: Combine 1/2 cup milk with 2 teaspoons granulated sugar. Heat it on the stove or in the microwave, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Stir in a squirt of dish soap (this makes the surface of the liquid somewhat sticky so the fruit flies can't escape) and pour the mixture into a bowl
  7. I set up four different tests, and to my surprise one method stood out very clearly as the winner. Buy a pre-made fruit fly trap: TERRO Fruit Fly Trap, $7 for two. Full warning: In the spirit of really nailing this down and showing my work, I'm gonna show you some drowned fruit flies. Credit: Faith Durand/Kitchn

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Directions. Pour about an inch or so of apple cider vinegar into the jar. Add a drop of liquid dish soap. Cover the top of the jar with a small square of plastic wrap and tie it closed with string. Poke several holes into the plastic wrap, just large enough for a fruit fly to get through. Place the jar in your kitchen where the fruit flies like. The traps work by sticking them in the dirt of any indoor house plants you might have. Then when insects and flies land on them the sticky surface traps them in place. This $4.95 Bunnings item has. Fruit Fly Control - Make Your Own Fruit Fly Traps Many orchard owners and garden owners are affected by the damages done by the fruit flies to the fruits and vegetables. As more and more farmers are turning to insecticide and pesticide free garden management practices, it is necessary to find a safe solution for the fruit fly problem

Others fruition fruit fly trap bunnings January 11, 202 Pack size. 2 trap pack, 15 trap pack. Formulation. Lure and trap. Active ingredient. N/A. FRUITION ® Fruit Fly Trap is a revolutionary Lure and Trap for egg-laying female Queensland fruit fly. Fruition Traps are a unique new system for monitoring and managing fruit fly populations. Fruition Traps have proven highly effective in attracting.

This video explains how my husband and I perfected our fruit fly trap. We get fruit flies in our home that come in with our fruit and vegetables about twice. Best Fruit Fly Traps that Work. If you don't want to engage in homemade traps and be concerned over sweet and sticky liquids, then we've picked the best 5 traps designed by the professionals. BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps. BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps is the best selling trap

Fruit fly traps need to be placed between 1.5 and 2m and on the eastern or north-eastern side of the tree out of direct sunlight. Trap lures need to be replaced on a regular basis, generally every three months. Correct choice of lure for the fruit fly species in your area 3. Place lure inside trap 4. Hang traps at eye level in semi-shade in or near fruit trees. 5. Replace lure if it becomes dry to keep flies getting into the trap! Fruit fly traps can be made out of plastic containers such as soft drinks, milk bottles, or honey or peanut butter containers. Mediterranean fruit fly is a pest of fruits an

Place your vinegar trap in the area where you see the most fruit flies—likely near your garbage, produce bins, compost container, or any area with produce, organic waste, or standing water. If you have a heavy fruit fly infestation, you might want to make several vinegar traps and place them in your kitchen and in other rooms where fruit. Every fruit and vegetable grower has to battle with the dreaded fruit fly at some point and how to deal with this annoying pest is a question that comes up o.. Fruit fly can be a serious problem for fruits, including apple, pear, stone fruit, loquat, feijoa, passionfruit, capsicum, tomato and pomegranate. Here's how to trap fruit fly and save your precious crop. There are many commercial products designed to attract and decimate fruit fly. Wild May attracts the male of the species, providing you with Continue reading Trap fruit fly True to their name, fruit flies love ripe, fermenting and rotting fruit. Apart from being irritating, they can also spread diseases. With the help of Pestrol, you can eradicate fruit flies from your home. We have fruit fly traps, solar trap, vinegar fly traps, bug zappers, chemical-free fruit fly control, and even ultrasonic diffusers I bought this little trap yesterday from the local nursery. It's a Searles Fruit Fly Trap. $13.50. I'm sure there be cheaper at Bunnings. There's a wick with an attractant and insecticide included, the wick is supposed to last three months and you can buy another wick for a couple of dollars

Searles Fruit Fly Trap. Monitor & control fruit fly with this complete easy to set, reusable trap. PRODUCT DETAILS. - Complete set up trap including wick. - Easy to use. - Monitors and controls male fruit flies (Queensland fruit fly). - Included wick attracts male fruit flies into the trap and then kills them, stopping the breeding cycle The RevolutionaryLure & Trap for Queensland Fruit Fly TREE CROPS: Fruition Traps should be hung in the fruiting zone, usually 1.5 to 2.0 metres above the ground. Ideally traps will be in the tree canopy in a location away from surrounding branches and clearly visible within the orchard Fruit infested with QFF can appear in good condition from the outside, so regularly cut open ripe fruit to check for maggots. You might also notice small puncture marks on fruit skins from where the female fruit fly has laid her eggs. Trap and kill flies. Traps are designed to lure and kill adult fruit flies In addition to baiting, gardeners could consider covering fruit trees with very fine netting such as mosquito netting or place paper bags over fruit. What it is. Exclusion is a preventative method that uses physical barriers to stop female adult fruit flies from reaching your fruit and vegetables

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Great Selection of Gardening Products. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders To find fermenting produce and fly to their target with little regard for their own safety ' t the person. 'S no need to be used up to one day before harvest reducing numbers! Fruit loss from fruit fly spray bunnings the fruit after mating fruit fly Trap with us in-store online

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Easy ways to control queensland fruit fly in your organic garden without the dangerous chemical The 'Holy Grail' of fruit fly traps has been launched. Griffith University and agricultural product company AgNova Technologies collaborated to produce Fruit.. Attracts and traps the Citrus Gall Wasp and Fruit Fly, including the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly). Controls and reduces pest population. Disposable unit. Attractant lasts for 3-4 months from date of exposing the holes at the top. Citrus Gall Wasp - Popular citrus trees are prone to attack from citrus gall wasps. The larvae form a gall or. To use Searles fruit Fly traps, hang the fruit fly trap containing the fruit fly wick in the trees or shrubs surrounding the fruit. It is best to hang more than one trap around the fruit you are trying to protect. If you have numerous fruit trees or crops such as tomatoes, hang sufficient traps so as to surround the crop TERRO Fruit Fly Trap T2500; With over 2500 ratings and reviews on Amazon, TERRO Fruit Fly is among the most effective fruit fly traps you will ever buy. The product is non-toxic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is safe for use around food, kids, and pets also

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However, traps need to be placed throughout fruit trees in spring when the fruit fly just begin to emerge if there is any hope of controlling numbers before they get too great. Natural and non-toxic sticky traps are available as plastic tubes or on waterproof card that can last for several months depending on the weather, level of infestation. Fruit Fly Trap - Trapple. Our Fruit Fly Trap is designed as an attractive, decorative method of keeping your fruit fresh by eliminating the annoyance of fruit flies.With Pestrol Trapple, only four quick, clean, easy steps are needed to capture and contain fruit flies in your home However, some of the work Gurion's been involved in indicates that while you can attract a fruit fly to the trap, it doesn't necessarily kill them. That's right. They don't necessarily go in the. FRUITION ® Natflav ® 500 is a premium yeast bait designed to attract and kill fruit flies when used as an attractant in a baiting mixture with a registered insecticide. Considerably higher mortality rates can be achieved when a gelatinising agent, Xanthan gum is added to the mix. Can be used in an IPM program with Fruition Traps

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  1. Queensland fruit fly damage is more severe during mid and late summer than at other times. Large numbers of flies can be expected after good falls of summer rain; fruit flies become active after periods of rain or high humidity. To monitor fruit fly activity hang male lure traps under the shady canopy, where flies tend to rest
  2. I hung several of these in different areas of the house because of an increasing number of fruit flies (gnats). We seem to have this problem every summer around July, and in the past, we have used an old bread bag filled with some food scraps to trap the gnats. These butterfly traps are much easier to use and they work
  3. Replacement wick for Searles fruit fly traps. - This product is designed for Searles Fruit FLy Trap which is sold spearately. - Wick helps monitor and control male fruit flies (Queensland fruit fly). - Males can be attracted from up to 500m away. - Wick attracts male fruit flies into the trap and then kills them, stopping the breeding cycle

From my understanding the fruit fly traps are purely a means of detecting wether you have fly around or not. The bait is a sex attractant to the male fly.You monitor the fly numbers by the amount of dead male fly near the trap.It is up to you to do the controlling. Bunnings sell Umbrella and Gazebo Nets for keeping mozzies out. Are designed. Use specific fruit fly netting, fine gauze or mosquito net - or even old lace curtains; the key to success is openings of just 1.6mm. Ensure the mesh is not touching the fruit. Garden hygiene. RATE: Mix 40mL Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control with 260mL water in a trigger bottle ( this is enough to treat 6 trees or plants). HOW TO APPLY: Apply as either a band or a spot spray to the trunk or lower foliage of 6 trees or plants, using large droplets. Repeat weekly, re-applying sooner if there has been rain eco-naturalure is the first fruit fly control to combine a unique protein-based fruit fly attractant and a highly effective BFA registered insecticide. The bait is applied to either 1m2 of foliage or to a small plywood board (1600cm2) and hung in the canopy of the tree or close to the crop Here are the details of the fruit fly trap demo we did recently. There are 2 simple traps - a sticky yellow one and a baiting liquid trap. Sticky trap You'll need: Plastic sleeve - can be reused ziplock, document sleeve, etc Yellow paper/cardboard - if you don't have any on hand, just get you

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Management tools. Fruit Fly Lure protein bait is highly attractive to Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies. It is mixed with a toxicant to attract and kill adult fruit flies. It is recommended for use as part of a 'systems approach' which includes Fruit Fly Traps and the MAT cups. View product information Drain flies live in the pipes of your bathroom feeding off the organic matter. Y ou're likely to spot drain flies near sinks and showers that are stagnant for a time (like after a long vacation) or used very infrequently (such as a guest bathroom), according to Apartment Therapy.. How to get rid of drain flies. First, discover where the flies are coming in Product Label SDS; FRUITION ® NOVA ® Fruit Fly Trap. FRUITION ® NOVA ® Fruit Fly Trap is a revolutionary Lure and Trap for egg-laying female fruit fly.. Label: SDS: FRUITION ® Natflav ® 500. FRUITION ® Natflav ® 500 is a premium yeast bait designed to attract and kill fruit flies when used as an attractant in a baiting mixture with a registered insecticide.. Label: SD Cera Trap® is recommended Mass Trapping System for Fruit Fly Management. Fruit Flies are one of the world's most destructive and difficult to control pests, and it is estimated that in Australia alone over 60,000 hectares of commercial cropping is under threat with cost to industry estimated to be more $50 Million annually

FRUITION ® NOVA ® Fruit Fly Trap. FRUITION ® NOVA ® Fruit Fly Trap is a revolutionary Lure and Trap for egg-laying female fruit fly. Label: SDS: Hyvar X ® Herbicide. Hyvar X ® is a long residual broad spectrum herbicide for control of a number of grass and broadleaf weeds in asparagus, citrus and pineapple crops and in industrial areas. Great time of year to grow tomatoes, grab some stakes and fruit fly traps too! Danni Suriano October 5, 2018 Huge bunnings that has just about everything! Hang scent lures (that smell like the apple fruit) with your traps to make them more attractive to flies. Hang one trap per 100 fruit (after thinning) in each tree. One or two spheres for small trees and five or more traps for larger trees. Place at least one trap on the side of the tree that faces any wooded or brushy area Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @zotz87. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question. It would appear that the likely culprits are either codling moth or fruit fly. Codling moths don't like clean trees and gardens, so remove all the debris from around your tree and any that gets stuck in the fork of branches Spray, David Gray's Fruit Fly Garden Spray, Amgrow Chemspray Malathion Insecticide Mix 25 mL in 4 L water + 25 mL protein such as Bugs for Bugs Fruit Fly Lure OR 2 teaspoons of Marmite or Vegemite OR 20 g sugar Weekly or more frequently if it washes off Do not pick fruit for 4 days after spraying Figure 3 Home-made traps for Medfly can be.

The Buzz Guava Moth Trap Refill. (0) $26 .85. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Kiwicare 154g Insect Guard Automatic Control System Natural Refill. (0) $10 .98 NOT the width of the fruit to the width of the bag. I put up a couple photos to demonstrate this example.The bag width is around 12-13cm. The fruit diameter is around 7.5cm. Fruit circumference is 3.14*7.5 = 23.5cm and I have 2*width=24-26cm available at the top of the drawstring Warnings, Tips, and Ideas . One-fourth cup of corn syrup, 1/4 cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of water make for a lot of flypaper, so don't use more than those amounts in your initial batch (unless you plan to hang the strips in an area dense with flies, such as in a barn or horse stall). The paper strips will be hot after you heat them, so resist the temptation to just pluck them out of the pan. Hoses, Hose fittings & connectors, Hose End Sprinklers, Hose Nozzles, Guns & Wands, Hose Reels, Carts & Hangers, Irrigation & Garden Watering System, Watering Cans, Water Conservation & Rain Harvesting, Watering Control, Water Crystals & Wetting Agents. We've got all the ideas and inspiration you need to make your garden grow

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Details. Australia's #1 fly trap system, the EnviroSafe Fly Trap is specially designed to attract and catch a wide range of Aussie flies. Each trap comes with a unique EnviroSafe Eco-Bait - a highly effective, non-toxic bait that is irresistible to flies, attracting them into the trap where there is no escape Bait the Trap . Remove the funnel from the bottle so you can place the bait. Choose a bait for your trap. Flies are attracted to nearly any decaying organic material Though it is meat and feces that flies seek out to lay eggs (the larvae, which we know as maggots, will immediately feed on those materials when they hatch from fly eggs), few people will want to use that as indoor bait. For people fighting the QLD fruit fly (found in all the mainland eastern states) we strongly recommend you also hang an eco-lure trap. This is a very useful monitoring tool to let you know when fruit flies are active and when to start spraying. Unfortunately the eco-lure trap does not work on the Mediterranean fruit fly found in WA As an industry-leader in insect control, it's our mission to introduce new solutions to age-old problems. We offer a variety of products to meet all of your pest control needs. Check out our latest innovations! TERRO® Fire Ant Killer. - 2 lb Canister Shop Now » Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders

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Traps using a super-effective insect attractant; flies get in but can't get out. Insect lure is non-toxic and poison-free, naturally attracting them to the trap so they can't escape. Reusable - Easy to clean and refil. Attract insects up to 10 m radius. This easy-to-use fly trap draws flies in where they become trapped and drown Fantastic fly catcher for the price of two cans of fly spray $9.98 @ Bunnings. I bought two, one for inside and outside on the deck. The one inside did not work as well as the one outside though, so they're both on the deck PLUS the smell was getting pungent. Will definitely buy again this Summer!

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  1. Leave the fly trap near your fruit bowl, sink, garbage, or wherever the fruit flies tend to buzz around. The fruit flies, drawn to the smell of the vinegar, will crawl in through the holes. They're too dumb to find their way out and will eventually drown in the vinegar. Problem solved. In addition, wash your fruit as soon as you bring them.
  2. The web abounds with recipes for homemade traps but sadly research has found that less than 1-2 per cent of the insects caught in these traps are actually fruit fly. Even if fruit fly are caught, as there are over 250 native fruit fly species in Australia, only a few flies in the trap may be the ones responsible for stinging the fruit
  3. Fruit fly are an incredibly annoying pest - they can destroy a range of fruit and vegetable crops in a very short space of time. It is heartbreaking to be nurturing a fruit tree for years, sustained by the anticipation of your first juicy fruit only to have your dream shattered by a tiny, flying bug and its larvae
  4. And so, another way to trap fruit flies is to pour red wine into a jar with a paper cone covering the opening. This method is particularly good, as it doubles as an excuse to treat yourself to a fresh bottle. 5. Pheromone traps. Talei and The Diggers Club prefer to use organic control measures when dealing with fruit flies

From the moment you observe any fruit fly activity in a monitoring trap, use protein baits or traps to attract and kill flies. The first option is to use a protein bait spray like Yates Natures Way Fruit Fly Control or Eco Naturalure. These products contain protein and an organic insecticide that fruit flies will feed on and subsequently die The use of some pesticides commonly used to tackle fruit fly infestations is no longer permitted due to human health concerns. Producers must rely on a suite of control methods used across the orchard and local area, known as area wide management The smell of rotting produce will help entice the fruit flies into the mixture, but the cone part of this fruit fly trap makes it difficult for them to get out. 3. Vinegar and Dish Soap

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  1. A homemade fly trap is easy to make and works effectively in getting rid of both outdoors and indoors flies. They make use of materials that can be easily found at home. Most of these are natural fly traps and thus non-toxic and can be used in places with food, children and pets
  2. Pest Exclusion Netting: VegeNet Large 6m x 10m. For protection of vegetable gardens or to cover fruit trees while they have fruit on them. Not for permanent use as over time it will break down in the sun, more suited to seasonal use. If you require netting for permanent use choose our Qld Fruit Fly net
  3. Toss out any overripe fruit that may be attracting fruit flies. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar into a jar or small bowl. The Spruce / Ana Cadena. Add a couple of drops of dish soap to the jar. The Spruce / Ana Cadena. Place the trap in the area where you've seen the fruit flies, and wait for it to do its job. The Spruce / Ana Cadena
  4. Professional Genuine Searles® Fruit Fly Trap Refill Replacement Bait Wick. Ultimate Searles® fruit fly wicks are formulated to be irresistible to fruit fly. Attracted fruit fly are attracted up to 500mtr away. Super Economical, very low cost for the replacement wick baits. Most effective wicks on the market, eco friendly, fast and easy to use
  5. Peel open and reverse-fold the trap to expose the sticky surface. Hang the trap on a plant, post or wire using the twist-tie supplied. Most flying insects are naturally attracted by the yellow colour and they stick to the trap. Check for and count pest insects on traps at least once a week to detect new infestations and monitor trends in.

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Baiting. Baiting is a control method that you can use to help reduce adult fruit fly numbers in your home garden. Bait sprays consist of a liquid food (protein) attractant and an insecticide. Baits are generally sprayed on to the foliage and trunks of trees and plants. Both the male and female adult flies are attracted to the baits while. By taking effective action to control fruit flies in your home garden you can minimise damage to the fresh. fruit and vegetables you produce and contribute to regional management strategies for fruit fly control. Topics include: Fruit fly behaviour. Methods of controlling fruit fly. Control for each season. Maggots in fruit

Eco-naturalure contains two parts. One is a protein bait which encourages the fruit fly to come and feed on it - much like the old Vegemite concoctions people have used for years to attract and monitor fruit fly. The second component is a natural insecticide produced by a bacteria which kills fruit flies You can also get fruit fly bait traps at Bunnings. Stick a few of those near your tomatoes (but not amongst them!) and that should help. Gungahlin Al, you might as well just wait till the leaves drop off in a few months to prune your cherry. Or if you're certain you don't want it any taller, you can prune it now Monitoring for fruit fly involves trapping. To meet export requirements traps should be in place by bud burst and monitored until fruit is harvested. It may also be worthwhile to continue monitoring post-harvest for your own records, and to help build up a picture of when fruit fly are in your region

Tommy Toe hardly had any issues as it is more plum size and must have a tough skin. So its on the books to plant again - the only problem is it's fruit are on the small side. I believe most cherry/plum type have a better record against fruit fly attack than the larger soft skin types. The larger tomato varieties 7cm fruit or larger did poorly. Re: Your tips for keeping possums away. February 2016. Spotlights with motion detectors can work well. You just need to know which trees or wires the possums are using to get into your garden and position the lights accordingly. They will soon avoid the area Fruit Fly Trap. $19.95. Green Drain. $49.95. Also Purchased. Fruit Fly Trap. $19.95. Add to Cart. Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray. $22.95. Add to Cart. Green Drain. $49.95. Add to Cart Options. Contact Information. Address 17/70-72 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah NSW 2229. Phone 1300 667 664. Email shop@easypestsupplies.com.au The Glue Trap is a bright yellow colour and double sided (240mm x 170mm). This therefore sends out a unique colourful wavelength that attracts a broad range of small flying insects. These may include fruit flies (both male and female), black flies, white flies, shaw-flies, mosquitoes, midges and the every day-to-day small flying insect pest THE result of a 30-year quest to create the world's first non-toxic fruit fly trap was revealed in Brisbane this week. Regarded as the Holy Grail of fruit fly traps, Fruition, is the product of.

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Consider fruit fly traps. Fruit fly traps hung above or near the compost pile will attract the flies and prevent them from reproducing. I have one that I made out of a plastic bottle (kind of like this) with a lure inside and it attracts a fair amount of flies. I've also had success with banana peels and wine as an attractant 99 ($0.29/Count) Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Garsum Sticky Trap,Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Traps for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Insect Catcher for White Flies,Mosquitos,Fungus Gnats,Flying Insects - Disposable Glue Trappers (12 pcs) 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Fruit Fly trouble starts when the weather warms in August and they lay their eggs under the skin of ripening fruit. Maggots hatch and feed, spoiling the fruit, causing it to rot and drop. The. 1 x Trap comes with 1 x Single Fly Attractant / Refill. This fly trapping device is the benchmark for all Australians looking at controlling fly populations at their place. The Envirosafe Fly Killer is the safest flycatcher because of its natural food grade attractant. Making this the pesticide-free fly trap of choice If you're annoyed by tiny flying insects that seem to appear every time you water your houseplants, you're probably dealing with gnats—more specifically, fungus gnats.These pests are attracted to the damp soil of potted houseplants. They need the moist soil as a haven to lay their eggs, and the organic matter in the soil feeds their larvae. Besides being annoying, this feeding behavior can. Green Harvest brings to you the safest, least toxic, proven organic solutions to pest problems in the house or garden available in Australia. It includes a wide range of information on different pests with helpful hints and advice on natural pest control and detailed product descriptions Pestrol Pest Control is the No. 1 supplier of DIY pest control products for home users as well as commercial pest control applications Australia wide.Our Pestrol pest solutions are for Ants, bed bugs, birds, fleas, flies, insect repellent clothing, mosquitoes, possums, rats, mice and much more.. Our range of professional and DIY pest control solutions include