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Vind en vergelijk producten van de beste merken en retailers bij ProductShopper. De beste online prijsvergelijkingssite. Wij maken online shoppen extra leuk The Hot Tub Foundation is backed with a geotextile layer for weed suppression. Load Bearing Capacity: 62,000 lbs./sq. ft. (> 300 tons/m2) Hot Tub Foundation Kits consist of 10 interlocking panels (39.37 x 22.63) Each Foundation Kit covers an area of 90.6 x 98.4 (62 sq. ft.

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Best Selling Hot Tub Installation Pad and Spa Foundation. No concrete, installs in any weather with no permits. Video, Pictures, Reviews. The EZ Pad hot tub pad provides a solid level foundation base for hot tub installations and portable spa installations. Designed as an alternative to a concrete slab the EZ Pad hot tub base can be installed on grass, dirt, sand, gravel or crushed rock CORE Hot Tub Foundation Kit CORE Foundation Kits are affordable, durable, stable, permeable, and DIY friendly. Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your hot tub. CORE Foundation Kits are ideal for a stable support base for your hot tub. Use two or more kits to provide a structural base for a beautiful floating deck surround

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  1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CORE Hot Tub Foundation Kit - 62 sq.ft. Coverage| Creates a Stable Gravel Support Base for Your Hot Tub, Spa, Jacuzzi or Patio | DIY Friendly, Lightweight and Durable | No More costly Concrete Base!! at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
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  3. A hot tub base has to be level and capable of withstanding the weight of the hot tub plus water and bathers. Both pavers and concrete are strong enough for the job. In fact, many prospective hot tub owners don't realise that in fact there are more options for hot tub bases than just concrete or pavers
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  5. Confer SP3248 8' x 8' Handi Spa Hot Tub Deck Foundation Plastic Resin Base Pad. 4.3 out of 5 stars 49. $518.99 $ 518. 99. FREE Shipping. Spa and Hot Tub Booster Seat Pad with Suction Cup, Back Support Bath Spa Pad, with Mesh Soft Inflatable Massage Cushion, Comfortable Durable Suction Seat for Hot Tub & Spa (Black

It is important to note that the foundation should be level before placing the hot tub. A foundation that is not level can void a manufacturer's warranty and cause damage to the hot tub. Concrete - A concrete pad is the most common type of foundation for a hot tub. An existing patio would also be a sufficient base to place your hot tub Hot Tub Enclosure Kits / Hot Tub Pavilion (Options: 9' x 9', Old-Growth Redwood, Windows on 2 Sides, No Curtain Rods, 4-Post Anchor Kit for Stone, Transparent Premium Sealant). Window Bar is a Custom Request. Hot Tub Enclosure Kits / Hot Tub Pavilion (Options: 8' x 8', California Redwood, Windows on 3 Sides, Transparent Premium Sealant) Level a hot tub with heavy-duty plastic shims. Some manufacturers do not recommend shims & they could void your warranty. Do not use shims if the hot tub is greater than 1″ uneven from one side to the other. In that case, a new foundation or a bed of framed sand that is compacted & level can be a good solution Based on the prefabricated spa pad actually is a sale hot tub base pad. The prefabricated base pad is a pre-made plastic pad. Moreover, you can buy this base pad at the stores that provide the hot tub kits. To use the base pad hot tub, it is as same as the others hot tub base pad. You need the enabling space that is good for placing the.

In this article, we took a deep dive into the world of hot tubs and what a proper foundation for one is. We examined different types of foundations, from pavers to concrete, decks, and even plastic hot tub pads. We also explored shimming and how that can help get it level if it has shifted over time This is for a Bullfrog Spa. You should always check with your local codes for the base of your Bullfrog Spa. Bullfrog spas recommend a gravel base if it is a.. NOTE: EZ Pads are designed for use under hot tubs and spas. Use as a patio substitute is discouraged. Thermal expansion can cause unloaded corners of EZ Pads to lift slightly. This in no way indicates a problem with EZ Pads, but might be considered unsightly. If you receive your EZ Pads early, we recommend waiting until just before your hot tub. See below for all parts & materials listSize: 8 feet x 10 feet x 4 foot deep (inside dimensions). The ledge is about 14 inches wide.Volume: ~1000 gallonsPart.. Bases for Inflatable Hot Tubs. Our inflatable hot tub bases are used as a strong and protective base for blow-up hot tubs such as Lay-Z-Spa's. As the tiles are made from 100% recycled rubber, there is no risk of puncturing the hot tub or potentially damaging it whilst acting as a solid foundation for your spa

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Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your pool, hot tub, sauna, RV, and more! CORE Foundation Kits are ideal for a stable support base for your hot tub, pool, sauna, RV, and more! • The Recreational Foundation is backed with a geotextile layer for weed suppression. • Load Bearing Capacity: 62,000 lbs./sq. ft. (> 300 tons/m2 Like a strong foundation for any decent home, it is important to ensure your new hot tub has a solid base location. Before the hot tub installation process is conducted you need to draw up your plans to create an ideal hot tub base for your hot tub to be sited.. With the accumulation of many decades of knowledge the team here at WhatSpa?know how critical it is to conduct the correct research. Hot tub foundations. One of the most important things you must take into consideration when installing a hot tub is the foundation. The base must be strong enough to hold the tub and accommodate the needed plumbing and electrical systems. Cement pad base. When installing a hot tub indoors you must use a cement pad

Hot tub cement pavers foundation. One of the most important things you must take into consideration when installing a hot tub is the foundation. The base must be strong enough to hold the tub and accommodate the needed plumbing and electrical systems. Cement pad base. When installing a hot tub indoors you must use a cement pad One of the hardest steps in buying a hot tub is choosing where to install it in your yard. Weighing up to 6,000 pounds when filled, a hot tub requires a strong and reliable foundation to support it. Luckily, concrete slabs are the perfect base for your hot tub and are straightforward enough to pour yourself Westview manufacturing builds spa enclosure, spa gazebo and hot tub enclosure. Offers wide range of quality made spa gazebos and hot tub enclosures for homes since 1997. Contact us at 1-800-736-8133 The Front Panels (Step 8 and Step 9) and finally the Door Panel (Step 10) are installed at the end of the process. This section outlines the installation of the Corner Panels (Steps 2, 4, 6, and 7 starting with Step 2 as illustrated on section 1 of this bulletin. Then proceed to Steps 4, 6, and 7 to complete installing the Corner Panels

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Compare Hot Tub pads and Spa Pad brands to see the difference. The EZ Pad uses screw-in interlocking conectors to hold the spa pad together, offering a more stable hot tub foundation base for self-contained above ground portable spas. Made of high-density blow molded polyethylene plastic resin the EZ Pad is lightweight, extremely durable, maintenance free and does not require a permit. 4 foot. If you need a professional hot tub installation, get in touch with us at Outback Pools and Spas. As the premier provider of the best hot tubs and hot tub parts in Wichita Falls, we always help our customers find the spa or service that is right for them. Come visit us at our 3923 Kell E. Blvd. showroom or call us at 940-691-48888 Prepping for and pouring the concrete pad, (basic size hot tub), we'll call it $500 dollars for concrete and frame boards. Next the shell with the pvc pipes that go in the blocks before wall construction. You'll use about 200 blocks, around 25 bags of mortar mix and some PVC piping. The labor will be all you, materials cost should be around. Summerwood has been creating and delivering unique spa enclosures and hot tub enclosures for over 15 years. Our system is designed so that you can get the perfect hot tub enclosure for your unique style and tastes. It's easy. Choose from many styles of spa enclosures and then customize it with almost unlimited design options and accents

If you hot tub sits on uneven concrete, then the best way to level a spa on uneven concrete is to do the following: Rip pressure treated 2x4s and placed one foot apart. Construct a 2x4s pressure-treated deck and place pressure-treated plywood on top. Wooden box + pea sand or gravel + hand pads If your foundation is not suitable, there's always the chance your spa will shift or settle after it's put in place, which can cause enough stress to alter the hot tub's seal. Step 1 - Mixing the Concrete for Concrete Slab. You'll want to put your hot tub on an elevated foundation, which should be a 3 concrete slab Floating Deck & Hot Tub Base | DIY Project. This floating deck is made possible with the use of CORE grass 65-45 grids under the hottub and decking. The grid is strong enough to hold the hottub, whilst being low enough to allow the installation of only stringers before the final 1X6 decking is laid down. A truly beautiful structure

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Installing your spa hot tub foundation base is fast and easy with EZ PADS. Installing your spa hot tub foundation base is fast and easy with EZ PADS. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures The Hot Tub Foundation is backed with a geotextile layer Load Bearing Capacity: 62,000 lbs./sq. ft. (> 300 tons/m2) Hot Tub Foundation Kits consist of 10 interlocking panels (39.37 x 22.63) Each Foundation Kit covers an area of 90.6 x 98.4 (~62 sq. ft.) Toll free: +1 855.777.2673, Call us for more details regarding the product

Most decks can hold a hot tub, but you want to be certain. Spa pad: Prefabricated spa pads are one of the simplest solutions around, and they look great. All you need to do is clear a level area of grass and topsoil, then lay out the hot tub foundation pad (Check out Jacuzzi® Brand's high-tech polyethylene spa pad for superior quality) This one-of-a-kind and patented in-ground hot tub kit is made of a durable galvanized steel, the same rated metal used for years in structures for the pool industry, so it will not corrode and will stand the test of time. SpaVaults are available for the following models. A8, R8, A8L, R8L, A8D, X8, X8L and A9L (A9L requires extension kit) The first hot tub enclosure that is good for winter is an enclosed hot tub room. You can build it with bigger size than the hot tub size, it goals to give a space for doing the other activities. Using a wood and glass as window are exactly a great idea that you can still look the mounds of snow outside 10 lbs. Spa and Hot Tub Brominating Tabs (1-Pack) Spa Choice Bromine Tabs fit in most spa feeders Spa Choice Bromine Tabs fit in most spa feeders and floaters to continuously sanitize your spa or hot tub. Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine, but it is odorless and less irritating to your skin and eyes

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3 40+ Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas. Relaxing in a hot tub is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and tensions of the day. The added physical benefits of soaking in a hot tub are that you can sleep better, your skin gets a healthy glow, and minor body aches and pains simply disappear Spa Foundation. Concrete - Reinforced concrete slabs provide a good base for hot tubs, Hot tub makers will provide the dimensions of the delivered package if you ask. Take a tape measure and walk the actual path the tub will travel. Pro Supplies Kits are available if a chemical supplies kit didn't come with the spa Step into your hot tub, spa, or pool with ease and safety in mind when you climb up using the spa step. This new, completely designed step spa step was created with durability and versatility in mind. The new incorporates the ability to use the step with a straight-sided spa or a rounded spa. Overall: 13.5'' H x 27.75'' W x 24.5'' D A hot tub pad is essential as it will keep the tub off the ground preventing uneven sinkage and damage to the bottom of the spa. You need to keep in mind this hot tub base will need to accommodate the hot tub weight and electrical requirements. Hot tub Pads are a really easy DIY project that can be accomplished pretty quickly over a weekend

Some of the most reviewed products in Pool Test Kits & Strips are the HTH Multi-Purpose 6-Way Test Strips with 228 reviews and the HDX Replacement Solutions 1-5 for Swimming Pool and Spa Water Test Kits with 82 reviews

Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 670 is a 6-person hot tub with a comfortable lounger and a great leg massage. Build In 3d Showroom Tour; 695 Gold - 6 Person Hot Tub 695 Gold - 6 Person Hot Tub 6-7 Build & Quote View Details. Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 695 is a 7-person hot tub with a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage Get your sweat on with our made-to-order cedar barrel saunas. Have a great sauna experience with outdoor sauna kits from Forest Cooperage. With continuous usage, a cedar barrel sauna can provide numerous health benefits, including cleansing the body of impurities, improving blood flow, increasing metabolism and enhancing skin tone Hot tub costs can differ based on climate, model, and usage, but typical monthly electrical costs are in the $10 to $20 range. Plus, when you buy a hot tub that uses quality materials and the latest technology, you'll save on maintenance, energy costs, and the expense of replacing costly salt water hot tub systems in the long run

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Hot tubs, when full, can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg). For this reason, you will need a firm foundation on which the hot tub can rest. If you don't have a firm foundation, you risk damaging the tub voiding any warranty it comes with Five Sizes! Choose from one of our five sizes for the ideal hot tub pad spa base solution. Available sizes are: 4x8, 8x8, 8x12, 8x16 and 8x20. Just use the convenient dropdown menu at bottom of the page One full-sized recreational foundation pack not quite enough? Looking a for a little extra coverage under or around your new structure? Then this pack should do the trick! Specs: Each pack provides an additional unit to add to the Recreational Foundation Kits. Each pack is comprised of 4 sections at 19.7 X 22.63, for a total area: ~12.4 sq.ft. CORE Foundation Kits are ideal for a stable support base for driveways, pathways, green rooftops, hot tubs and heat pumps. CORE Foundation Kits are affordable, durable, stable, permeable, and DIY friendly. CORE Foundation Kits; Recreational Foundations; Tiny Home Foundations

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Our gazebo kits are meant to be a place of rest and enjoyment. An escape that harkens back to a slower time. Your nook to enjoy nature, reflect and read. Simply put, there's no room for compromise. And that's why Summerwood only puts the finest building materials in your gazebo kit Step 3. Plan out your setup, then measure and mark your spa space. Get out the shovel (or rent a backhoe) and dig a hole the size you wish for the hot tub. Once you have the size and shape you prefer, fill the bottom of the hole with cement and let it set up for at least 24 hours. Then cover the now-dry cement area with a thick polyurethane sheet 26 replacement pillow for Park Avenue and Concord models purchased from 2004-current. Color: Cool Grey. Our Price: $57.00. High-Output ThermOzone Generator - 250mg. Replacement High-Output 250mg ThermOzone Generator for hot tubs built from 2004-Present. Operates with 240 Volt systems. Includes High-Output Ozone Generator and Ozonator Check.

Total Ratings 1, $152.97 New. 2x 2 Spa Hot Tub Pump & Heater Union Gasket. 5 out of 5 stars. (4) Total Ratings 4, $12.45 New. Dimension One Spas Vision Cartridge 01512-261. 5 out of 5 stars A hot tub blower from Sunplay costs between $75 for a 1HP blower and $170 for a 1.5HP, silenced blower. A complete hot tub filter skimmer kit costs about $150, while various parts cost between $10 and $120. In general it costs between $631 and $3520 to repair a hot tub. Other Cost Hot tub costs can differ based on climate, model, and usage, but typical monthly electrical costs are in the $10 to $20 range. Plus, when you buy a spa that uses quality materials and the latest technology, you'll save on maintenance, energy costs, and the expense of replacing costly salt water hot tub systems in the long run

Concrete pavers—Because they tend to shift, stone patio pavers aren't the best choice for your hot tub foundation. Instead, use interlocking concrete pavers[SZ1] [AC2] and have the pad they form inspected by a structural engineer or contractor to make sure the tub is properly balanced and level The plan for this deck is to use paver base and concrete deck blocks for the foundation. The 2-inch-by-6-inch joists will rest on top of the blocks. Cap blocks on paver base will support the step section. This deck will have composite decking with fascia boards around the perimeter to cover the frame and give it a finished look. The deck is. 12. A Galvanized Hot Tub. Again, I know this isn't a sauna, but it was another really cool idea to help you relax. Also, if you are a DIYer, it is another option for you as well. So this is a video which shows you how they did every step. This is an old fashioned hot tub as it is made out of a galvanized stock tank Give Your Spa a Solid Foundation  You've made the decision to buy a hot tub. Now where do you put it? There are several ways you can give your hot tub a solid, level foundation for years of enjoyment

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Poured concrete hot tub pad. A new poured concrete pad is great because you can get it to set perfectly level and it creates a nice solid foundation for the hot tub. A new pad can be sized to order and made level during setup. Paver Patio Installation. Pavers are popular for a hot tub foundation as the materials are portable and come in many. The details are these. At least a 6 thick concrete slab using 3000lb or 3500lb concrete. In cold climate areas lay down a 1 or 2 layer of closed cell foam board under the hot tub area of the slab. (no it won't cause the slab to crack). On top of the foam board or ground if you don't put down foam board, put down a wire mesh layer Here are just a few reasons to consider patio pavers for a hot tub base: • They're Extremely Durable. They are a high-density material that offers more support than concrete slabs or wood. Their low absorption rate makes concrete pavers resistant to efflorescence or salt scaling, a common problem with poured concrete

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Install decking up to ¼ from hot tub to leave room for expansion, contraction and slight shifting of both the deck and the hot tub. Tall Decks and Hot Tubs. If the deck level is higher than the top of the hot tub, or the deck is built on uneven ground, the hot tub is placed on top of the deck Building Your Deck For A Hot Tub. A standard 8' x 8' hot tub weighs about 5,000 lbs when fully loaded with water and people. Needless to say, this is much more than a typical deck frame is designed to support. You will always want to build a separate frame within your deck to support a hot tub Hot tubs are a popular addition to any home, especially for people who entertain regularly. Most people put hot tubs outside. They weigh around 4,000 lbs. fully loaded, so it's important that the structure you place the hot tub on can handle heavy loads. Grass or bare dirt just won't do This option is used for hot tub which cannot be supported by a wooden floor, or if you were going to house pool equipment such as a heater, filter, or a pump or if you were going to install a plumbing system. Concrete pads are usually used when the buildings are large and may need a permanent foundation Building the hot tub wrap. We started by replacing the newly painted toe toe kick. The toe kick is topped with a 1×2 board that we grooved on the bottom to notch over the plastic kicker. After that the first layer was some polystyrene, which fits between that 1×2 board and the similar dimension top board. In our case three of the four sides.

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  1. This sunroom was designed to open onto a traditional deck on one side and lead out to a hot tub on the other. The sunroom provides a bug-free climate-controlled area in the summer. The ample sunlight in the winter provides a warm and cozy place to sit and enjoy watching the snow fall
  2. d and restore tired muscles. Stream your favorite shows and music from the comfort of your spa. It's like having a home media center and a wellness retreat in one
  3. Hot Tub Foundation Pad. Portable hot tubs made from vinyl cost between 1200 to 3000 and weigh just 100 pounds. Hear from scott cook hot tub expert at american sale about the best foundation types for your hot tub. Hot Tub Custom Made Base Or Pad Bernie S Hot Tubs Edmonton Alberta
  4. Mainely Tubs gazebos and enclosures protect you and your hot tub from rain, sleet, ice, snow, or anything else Mother Nature might throw your way. A set of Mainely Tubs steps will make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub. Talk about reducing stress. Explore Gazebos, Enclosures & Steps
  5. A flat, level surface such as a concrete slab is the ideal location for a hot tub. If you're building a new deck, the slab should be formed and poured at the same time as your concrete footings. A 3-1/2 to 4 inch slab is usually sufficient, experts say; however, larger tubs may require something more substantial
  6. When installing a hot tub it is important to avoid any dips or voids in the area where you plan to place the hot tub. A hot tub can weigh as much as 8,000 pounds without people in it. Any dips in the surface under the hot tub can cause stress to the shell and possibly cause cracking
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Our Garden Gazebo Kits can provide a stylish shelter for an outdoor hot tub spa, or an ideal pool side changing room. In a yard or garden, a Wood Gazebo Kit is easy to build and will be the perfect place to relax or to hold family dinners, weddings, and other special events Shipping cost in North America are very reasonable when the hot tub is shipped in a kit form. Shipping will be depending on the size of tub ordered and the location it is going to. However, an average cost is approx. $200-$350 with residential delivery service being another $50-$75 Hot tub accessories range from attachable cup holders to hot tub steps for easier entry and exit. When the tub is not in use, you'll want to keep debris from getting in the water, so look for a hot tub cover. A cover will also help with heat loss, saving on energy bills. If you need a hand getting the cover on and off, a hot tub lifter does.

It is also maintenance-free and can be removed easily if desired.Gravel BaseCrushed gravel can also be a cost-effective and easy way to create a strong hot tub foundation. The thickness of the crushed gravel bed should be about 4 inches, and you should ensure that it's properly compact to avoid settling after the hot tub is in place.Concrete. Manufacturer produced, manufacturer regulated. If your hot tub ever requires manufacturer servicing, we track the lifetime of every hot tub throughout the history of Strong Spas to know how to best serve you as a valued guest. Proudly American made, Strong Spas hot tubs are enjoyed worldwide, and are available at a dealer near you Place your hot tub on a stable surface, rather than bare ground that could sink under its weight. While installing a concrete slab is an ideal solution, concrete takes time to cure and is very.

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With our vast pools, hot tubs and hot spas offerings, we are sure to have something for every household! We carry a large selection of hot tubs and above ground pools from DoughBoy, with various details and add-ons. Expert Pool Service. Once your pool is complete, let our experts handle all your pool & hot tub needs Spas starting at. $3,100*. Free your spirit with mini-vacations. Right outside your back door. Turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat, nestled amongst the pines in the crisp mountain air. Or an all-inclusive beach vacation. Or a faraway city. It's your Fantasy Most portable hot tubs sold in Canada are designed for outdoor installation, although some are installed indoors. When a hot tub is filled it will be heavy, make sure it is placed on a structurally sound surface, which will support the weight of the hot tub, water, and occupants

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All of our inground pool kits are customizable to any design idea, so go ahead and dream a little! We also offer a large variety of standard swimming pool shapes and sizes, which is great if you're looking for more traditional swimming pool. To discuss which type of in ground pool kit is right for you, call 1-800-515-1747 Pool Spa Hot Tub 1.9 OD Hand Rail Base Trim Cover White Snap Tite ST1970WH. C $22.60. Buy It Now. +C $27.10 shipping. 14d 9h left (2/8, 22:16) From United States. 6 items found from eBay international sellers Ouster Water Solutions Ouster Hot Tub And Spa Cleaner/Purge Kit W/ Microfiber Towel For Pipe Residue Wayfair.ca $83.44. Duck Covers Water-Resistant Essential Square Hot Tub Cover Cap Wayfair.ca $64.99 $59.64. Elements of Design Hot Springs Double Handle Wall Mounted Clawfoot Tub Fauce Shipping container pools are creative, cutting-edge, easy to transport and eco-friendly. Shipping container pools give you size flexibility as well. They can be resized, modified and customized to fit your design specifications. Use them as inground or above ground installations in your backyard to create a unique, aesthetic oasis Electrical Cable for a Hot Tub. 6/3 Romex brand or UF cable cannot be run inside long lengths of one inch conduit. Cable may be installed into a short length of conduit where it is used to stub up out of a trench or where emerging from a protected area such as a crawl space under a house

C.diff infection treated in a home environment ♥ Laundry: While combating C. diff at home, it is recommended that soiled linens be handled as little as possible to prevent microbial contamination of persons handling the linen. Heavily soiled linens should be laundered separately and not with other clothing or other linens. Satisfactory Laundering has bee Confer SP3248 Handi Spa Hot Tub Deck Foundation Plastic Resin Base Pad (3 Pack) Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of How to Create a Safer Home Pool or Hot Tub. Completely surround your pool with four-sided isolation fencing with a self-closing and self-latching gate that is out of the reach of a child. A four-sided isolation fence (separating the pool area from the house and yard) reduces a child's risk of drowning 83% compared to three-sided property-line. Choosing a Hot Tub Cover. Tips & Tricks By Laura Van Gorp 18/08/2020. Choosing a Hot Tub Cover Using a hot tub cover is important, whether you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub. The two basic reasons are to keep dirt and debris out of the water and to trap the heat, saving energy and reducing the cost of using the tub

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Hot Tub UV Light. How it Works: UV light purifiers work by irradiating the water, as it rushes by a UV lamp that is producing a specific wavelength 254 nm within the UV-C spectrum. When exposed to UV light of this specific wavelength, living particles actually have their DNA rearranged and become unable to reproduce Shop Wayfair for A Zillion Things Home across all styles and budgets. 5,000 brands of furniture, lighting, cookware, and more. Free Shipping on most items

The new organization will operate with The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance as the umbrella, leading industry wide advocacy, alliances and promotions. Trade and foundation activities will be conducted separately for procedural and legal purposes, under the banners of The Pool & Hot Tub Professionals Association and The Pool & Hot Tub Foundation Product Title Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Chlorine Spa Sanitizer Kit Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 reviews Current Price $642.99 $ 642 . 99 List List Price $1129.99 $ 1,129 . 9 Apollo Pools and Spas | 8 Harding Street, Lakeville, MA 02347 ☎ 508-923-7381 About Us: Apollo Pools and Spas is a premier New and Used Hot Tub, Portable Spas, Swimming Pool and Pool Service Dealer in Massachusetts. We Offer the Best the Selection of Hot Tubs and Pools at the Best Prices We offer hot tubs that seat as few as 3 to as many as 8 guests. A 4-person hot tub can be the perfect size for your family or a couple of close friends to enjoy. These spas feature plenty of jets, delivering the relaxing massage you need from every angle. Hot tub spas feature a durable, non-slip acrylic or fiberglass constructions Product TitleIntex 28405E Pure Spa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub with Headrest and Cup Holder. Average Rating: ( 3.8) out of 5 stars. 4. ratings, based on 4 reviews. Current Price $720.99. $720.99 List. List Price $1129.99