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May 28, 2022. Iyyar 27, 5782. Torah Reading. Leviticus 26:3 - 27:34. Haftarah. Jeremiah 16:19 - 17:14. In this Torah portion, God tells the people of Israel that if they follow God's commandments, they will be provided with rain to feed their crops. God then describes the long list of punishments that will be inflicted on the Israelites if. May 14, 2022 / 13 Iyar 5782 May 6, 2023 / 15 Iyar 5783 May 18, 2024 / 10 Iyar 5784 Summary. Laws regulating the lives and sacrifices of the priests are presented. (21:1-22:33) All Torah Portions. B'reishit בְּרֵאשִׁית. Noach.

14 Iyar 15th May 2022: Pesach Sheini The practice of adding a haftarah reading to the Torah portion is ancient and has obscure origins. The Talmud mentions the haftarah being read in the presence of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus (c. 70 CE). The Torah Portions Schedule. Each week, synagogues across the world read a section from the Torah (the five books of Moses). In Hebrew, this passage is called Parashat HaShavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ), which means portion of the week. Sometimes it is called the parsha or sidra.The Jewish community follows a schedule of readings based on the Hebrew calendar 23rd of Nisan, 5782. 8th day of the Omer. 25. 24th of Nisan, 5782. 9th day of the Omer. 26. 25th of Nisan, 5782. 10th day of the Omer. 27

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The Torah Portions site follows the passages of Scripture that are read aloud in Jewish synagogues every week. Genesis through Deuteronomy is broken into 54 portions containing a few chapters each. The names of the weekly portions are derived from a Hebrew word in the first sentence of the portion. This week's portion is highlighted below Today is Thu. Jul. 15, 2021 | Av 6, 5781 This week's Torah reading is Devarim Upcoming holiday is The Three Weeks | Jun. 27 - Jul. 18 Jewish Holidays TheRebbe.org Chabad.org Video ChabadU Audio Classes News Kabbalah Online The Jewish Woman Jewish Kid

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This is the 2022 calendar. NOTE: There is no other The Refiner's Fire calendar. This is from therefinersfire.org. For 2022, the High Holy days by this calendar are essentially the same as the traditional Jewish calendar differing only by a day in the holy days. Torah portions Search for your TORAH PORTION (PARSHA) by DATE. Select Year: 2021. Saturday July 10, 2021 Matot Masei. Saturday July 17, 2021 Devarim. Saturday July 24, 2021 Vaetchanan. Saturday July 31, 2021 Eikev. Saturday August 7, 2021 Re'eh Calendar of Torah and Haftarah Readings 5779 - 5781 - 2 - Key: - Torah Reading 1, - Torah Reading 2, - Torah Reading 3, - Haftarah Reading. 10 September 2018 1 Tishri 5779 Rosh Hashanah Genesis 22:1-19 Binding of Isaac Deuteronomy 29:9-14 All Israel stands before God Isaiah 55:1-13 The call to return to Go

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Messianic Torah Portion is not supported by paid advertising. Instead, we use affiliate links. When you click on these links, we may earn a small referral fee. This does not affect the price you pay, but helps support this site. Please do not make purchases on the Sabbath Minyan & Torah Study with TBE Online. Saturday, May 14 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Register ; Join us for minyan, followed by Torah study when we will explore the weekly Torah portion together with a member of our clergy. This event will take place through a video conference call. Pre-registration is required

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May 7 Parashat Emor October 22 Parashat Bereshit May 14 Parashat B'har October 29 Parashat Noach May 21 Parashat B'chukotai May 28 Parashat B'midbar November 5 Parashat Lech-Lecha November 12 Parashat Vayera June 4 Parashat Naso November 19 Parashat Chayei Sara June 11 Parashat B'haalot'cha Parashat Tol'dot June 18 Parashat Sh. Signs in the Heavens Elohim says in Genesis 1:14-19, that the primary purpose for which He created the greater light and the lesser light on the fourth day of the physical universe was for signs - which are New Moons and solar and lunar eclipses. He also created them for appointed times, days and years.In Luke 17:20-24, the Pharisees asked יהושע when the kingdom of Elohim would come א״פשת5781 / 2020-21 Man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD. DEUTERONOMY 8:3 torahportions.org GENESIS / B'REISHEET | תישארב # NAME DATE HEBREW DATE TORAH HAFTARAH GOSPE Priestly rituals to cure tzaraat (a skin condition) when it afflicts humans are described. (14:1-32) Rituals to rid dwelling places of tzaraat are presented. (14:33-57) The parashah denotes male impurities resulting from a penile discharge or seminal emission. (15:1-18) The parashah concludes with accounts of female impurities caused by a discharge of blood The Five Books of Moses are divided into 54 portions (Parshiyot), linked to a specific week in a leap year. In non-leap years, with fewer weeks, some shorter Torah portion readings are combined into one week. Each weekly Torah portion takes its name from the first word or distinctive phrase of the passage

The 49-day Counting of the Omer retraces our ancestors' seven-week spiritual journey from the Exodus to Sinai. Each evening we recite a special blessing and count the days and weeks that have passed since the Omer; the 50th day is Shavuot, the festival celebrating the Giving of the Torah at Sinai. Tonight's Sefirah: Malchut sheb'Hod. Bechukotai Torah Portion: Leviticus 26:3-27:34. Parshat Bechukotai, the final parsha in the Book of Leviticus, is, at times, quite difficult to read.It starts out nice, with a series of promises about the incredible blessings that will come our way if we diligently follow God's laws: God will make sure that we are fruitful and multiply, will help us to conquer the land, will rid the land of.

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Calendar of Torah and Haftarah Readings 5776-5778 - 2 - DATES OF FESTIVALS 5776 2015-16 5777 2016-17 5778 2017-18 Erev 1st Day Rosh Hashanah 1 Tishri 13 September 2 October 20 September 1st Day Rosh Hashanah 1 Tishri 14 September 3 October 21 September 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah 2 Tishri 15 September 4 October 22 September Kol Nidre 10 Tishri 22 September 11 October 29 Septembe Lev 26:3-27:34; Jer 16:19- 17:14; Matt 22:1 -14 *Note: Check HebCal or other online sources for Haftarah details regarding double portions, extra readings before Passover, announcin The messianic torah portion calendar for 5781 is now available for download. Because of the hebrew lunar solar calendar there are some portions that double up during the shorter years to fit all the. Over the course of a year the entire torah is read publicly during the synagogue services. Using a calendar based on the biblical cycle of months. Torah Portions. Devarim. Devarim means the words and as the book opens we enter the last day of Moshe's life. Moshe begins the book by recapping the details of the last 40 years. The portion ends with Moshe reminding Israel of the times that Abba YHWH fought for them

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Torah: Deuteronomy 1:1 - 3:22 Prophets: Isaiah 1:1-27 Brit Hadasha: Mark 14:1-16; John 15:1-11; Hebrews 3:7 - 4:11; 1 Timothy 3:1-7 (click on a selected reading to be taken directly to it) Torah Portions are a systematic teaching schedule that includes a portion of scripture from the Torah, Prophets, and Brit Hadasha each week Articles on the weekly Torah portion, parsha, from beginner to advanced levels. Divrei Torah, inspiration, ethics and stories for all ages

Read in the Diaspora on 26 February 2022 (25 Adar I 5782). Parashat Vayakhel is the 22nd weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. Torah Portion: Exodus 35:1-38:2 Torah-תורה - means instructi o n'' or ''teaching''. The Torah, or Jewish Written Law, consists of the five books of the Hebrew Bible - known more commonly to non-Jews as the Old Testament - that were given by G-d to Moses on Mount Sinai and include within them all of the biblical laws of Judaism. The Torah is also known as the Chumash, Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses The Torah Reading Ceremony. The Torah and Haftarah reading ceremonies are performed as follows: the Torah is taken from the Ark and paraded around the room before it is brought to rest on the bimah (torah reading podium). The weekly portion (parashat hashavuah) is divided up into portions (pasukim), and certain members of the congregation are called to recite the blessing over their assigned.

Haftarah refers to an additional portion from the Nevi'im (Prophets) read after the weekly Torah portion. The person who made the maftir blessing also recites the blessing for the Haftarah, and may even read the Haftarah before the congregation. Brit Chadashah refers to New Testament readings which are added to the traditional Torah Reading cycle Torah. Blessing. Halacot. Preparing. Calculator. Prasha. Teacher. Publishers. Gifts. Find Your Bar-Mitzva Parsha. Date Of Birth here may be different reading practices for different communities and for different places, for example: israel vs overseas. On Us בר מצווה היום.

2020-2021 (5781) Torah Reading Schedule Torah and Haftarah Portion with Recommended Reading from the Apostolic Scriptures (from Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, Complete Jewish Bible) A: Ashkenazic S: Sephardic [] denote differences between traditional Jewish and Christian verse order GENESIS 17 Oct 2020 29 Tishrei 5781 Bereisheet In the beginning Genesis 1:1-6:8 Isaiah 42:5-43:10 (A); 42:5. Torah Portion: Devarim, Deuteronomy : 1:1-3:22: Haftarah Portion: Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.. The Torah is the first five books of The Holy Scriptures, and were written through the inspiration of YeHoSHuA's Holy Spirit upon Moses. Each week a portion of the Torah is studied and on the Sabbath Day the Children come before their Family, Friends & Ecclesia and read out loud reciting scripture then share what YeHoSHuA's Holy Spirit.

Hebrew year 5782 (Sept 2021 - Dec 2022) Two new editions of our 16-month biblical calendars are now available for pre-order. Visually stunning, with extensive details from the Hebrew calendar, key biblical events with Scripture references, Torah portions, and festival details and readings. Pre-Order Today Simchat Torah, which comes at the end of Sukkot and is technically its eighth day, marks the end of the yearly cycle of Torah reading, and beginning of a new one. Though it is a component of Sukkot, people are no longer obligated to eat and sleep in the sukkah, and in fact it is forbidden to do so Saturday, July 17, 2021 - Sunday, July 18, 2021. |. 8 Av 5781 to 9 Av 5781. Tishah B'Av is a day of mourning the destruction of both ancient Temples in Jerusalem. Torah Portion

igal Kotler, Director of Jewish education at COJECO welcomes a guest speaker, Yuri Tabak. Yuri Tabak, has a degree in economic cybernetics, and is a well-kno.. The Torah and haftarah readings are performed with great ceremony: the Torah is paraded around the room before it is brought to rest on the bimah (podium). The reading is divided up into portions, and various members of the congregation have the honor of reciting a blessing over a portion of the reading. This honor is referred to as an aliyah. Download a 2020/21 One-Year Torah Reading Schedule. Traditionally, the five books of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) are divided into weekly parashot (portions or readings) so that the entire volume can be read in the Synagogue every Sabbath over a period of one or three years GENESIS / B'REISHEET | בראשית: NAME: DATE: HEBREW DATE: TORAH: HAFTARAH: GOSPEL: B'reisheet: 17 Oct 2020: 29 Tishrei 5781: Genesis 1:1-6:8: Isaiah 42:5-43:1 In the 2022 Jewish Art Calendar, Mickie has created 14 lovely illuminations for a hanging wall calendar that covers the 16 months from September 2021 through December 2022, corresponding to the Jewish year from Elul 5781 through Tevet 5783 (Sept 2022 - Dec 2022 appear on one page, so the boxes are small). Candle-lighting times, weekly Torah.

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  1. Temple Or Rishon is a membership-based community. Our members have a voice in shaping this community, and demonstrate their commitment to it's future, and to the future of Jewish values around the world. Programs are designed for teens in grades 8-12
  2. Over the last twenty years, Rabbi Jacobson traveled to hundreds of communities, schools, and universities across the globe, educating and inspiring people of all backgrounds with the majestic depth of Torah and Judaism
  3. June 10, 2021. The Hebrew language is so amazing and brings so many clarifying definitions to verses that can seem unclear in English. Such was the case in Torah portion Shelach, as Pastor Mark pointed out the many . Search
  4. Academic schedule for year. 2021-2022 2019-2020 2020-2021 2018-2019 2022-2023 2023-2024. Add to calendar. First Day of Fall Semester. Sunday, October 10, 2021. Hannukah Break. Sunday, December 5, 2021 (On all other days of Hannukah, classes will end at 4pm) Tenth of Tevet Fast. Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (No Classes
  5. al penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law
  6. Parasha Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Devarim 16 Jul 2021 20:56 17 Jul 2021 22:11 Fast of Av 17 Jul 2021 21:09 18 Jul 2021 22:03 Vaetchanan 23 Jul 2021 20:48 24 Jul 2021 22:00 Eikev 30 Jul 2021 20:38 31 Jul 2021 21:47 Re'eh* 6 Aug 2021 20:26 7 Aug 2021 21:33 Shofetim 13 Aug 2021 20:13 14 Aug 2021 21:18 Ki Teitzei 20 Aug 2021 19:59 21 Aug 2021 21:02 Ki Tavo 27 Au
  7. Academic Schedule for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Sunday, December 5, 2021 (On all other days of Hannukah, classes will end at 4pm) Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (No Classes) During memorial services (National Memorial Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yitzhak Rabin Memorial) all BIU libraries will be closed


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  1. ~ As we all strive to follow and serve our Creator, we have provided a handful of resources to help you go deeper in your relationship.
  2. From Genesis to Revelations and currently Matthew. Mary R. Your teachings and the blessed Holy Spirit have brought me back from where I was likely headed Isaac C. I love your resources on the Hebrew Bible Reading. Paula M. I was raised in the catholic church and spent two years with the Jehovah's Witnesses
  3. May 29, 2020: May 29, 2021: May 29, 2022: Shavuot: Commemorates receipt of the Torah on Mount Sinai (two of three pilgrimage festivals). Date Details: Begins at the evening of the first day, and ends the evening of the last day
  4. Annual Torah Portion Reading Schedule. How the Torah portion or Parashah works?. T here are a total of 54 Parashot in a year and it is divided into seven portions in a week. On Yom Shabbat the Parashah is to be read by 7 aliy ots on Shabbat.While the Maftir is to be read by the entire congregation. Recite the Kiryat HaTorah - Blessing before the Torah readin
  5. Join the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh on Zoom to learn more about the Mega Mission 2022. The mission will take place in Israel June 13-21, 2022. Join a lay-led Online Parashah Study Group to discuss the week's Torah portion. All classes meet online. No Hebrew knowledge is needed. July 14 , 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.
  6. Mishpatim (Hebrew: מִּשְׁפָּטִים ‎ — Hebrew for laws, the second word of the parashah) is the eighteenth weekly Torah portion (Hebrew: פָּרָשָׁה ‎, parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the sixth in the Book of Exodus.The parashah sets out a series of laws, which some scholars call the Covenant Code.It reports the people's acceptance of the.

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  1. Deuteronomy, 3:23-7:11 This Week's Torah Portion | Jul 18 - Jul 24, 2021 - 9 Av - 15 Av, 5781. In A Nutshell. The portion, VaEtchanan (And I Besought), repeats the prohibition that Moses was prohibited—to enter the land of Israel—and that Joshua is to succeed him and lead the people to the land of Israel.The portion deals with the commandment to keep the Torah and remember the.
  2. i Atzeret. It concludes and begins anew the annual reading cycle of the Torah, the Five Books of Moses that make up a portion of the Jewish Bible. HANUKKAH (Festival of Lights
  3. i Atzeret Special readings : Deuteronomy 14:22 - 16:1
  4. Havurah Shalom follows a triennial reading schedule in which one-third of the Torah portion of the week is read. Below are detailed charts of the Torah divisions by date: 09/05/20 through 09/25/21 - year 2 of the triennial cycle. 09/24/21 through 09/27/22 - year 3 of the triennial cycle. 09/03/22 through 09/30/23 - year 1 of the triennial.
  5. Daily Bread -- Wednesday, July 14, 2021. 4 Av -- His Rod of Correction. Daily Bread -- Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Recently Added. Torah Portion - D'varim (D'varim 1:1 - 3:22) Torah Tidbit: Massei - Lamp Unto My Feet Torah Tidbits: Mattot - Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say Torah Portion - Massei (B'midbar 33:1 - 36:13
  6. September 28, 2022: September 18, 2023: Yom Kippur: September 27-28, 2020: September 15-16, 2021: October 4-5, 2022: September 24-25, 2023: Sukkot: October 2-9, 202

1:1-3:22 Devarim (Deuteronomy) Devarim ( Deuteronomy ) is the name of the fifth book of the Torah. It is also the name of the first sedrah or weekly reading. The Hebrew word Devarim means words.. Devarim takes its name from the first significant word in the reading, These are the words (Devarim) that Moshe spoke to all Israel. The Three Year Torah Reading Cycle found here is based on the Triennial Cycle as formulated by the following scholars: Charles Perrot, The Reading of the Bible in the Ancient Synagogue in Martin Mulder, ed., Mikra (Fortress, 1988), pp. 139ff; Cecil Roth, Triennial Cycle in Encyclopedia Judaica (Keter, 1971), 15.1386-1389; and Jacob Mann, The Bible as Read and Preached in the Old. Provides the dates for holidays for the calendar year. 2021 Yearly Holiday Calendar. 2020. 2022. 2023. 2024 prophecies and predictions for 2021 2022 - 2025. astrology cluster in aquarius in february 2021 may indicate a positive energy then. the end times events and disasters could occur in 2021 - 2025: the antichrist russian president putin attempts to take over the world. alien ufo invasion in 2022-2030? watch out for ufos and aliens conquest of earth Lee Mathews Resort 2022 collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews. July 14, 2021 View Slideshow Vogue may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our.

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-Numbers 14:9 Let's talk about bread. Bread keeps you alive. Four ingredients plus A Poem for Every Torah Portion, May 12, 2021. Here are the First 10 Jewish Documentaries Funded. The 2021-2022 Jewish Art Calendar By Mickie Caspi Is A Decorative Wall Calendar That Covers The 16 Months From September 2021 - December 2022 (5783). In The 2021-2022 Calendar, Mickie Has Created 14 Lovely Illuminations Covering The 16-Month Period. Candle-Lighting Times, Weekly Torah Portions, Jewish Holidays, And National Holidays (U.S My story . I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the. In the Millennium, all nations will keep Torah (Zech 14:16; Isa 66:23) (although it will be updated for the 21st century, not resembling ancient Israel's Torah as much as people think). I can't imagine the world will calculate the days the way that many Torah Keepers (TK) practice today, i.e., based on local barley and lunar observations Wednesday, July 14 10:30am - Great Courses Series Platform: Zoom Join fellow congregants for college level lectures on Judaica subjects of interest. Currently, we are exploring the Tanach in a series of lectures by Professor. Amy-Jill Levine. Professor Levine explores the texts of the Old Testament. Dr

Marching Orders — A poem for Torah Portion Bamidbar Rick Lupert - May 13, 2021 0 Just as they camp, so shall they travel, each man in his place, by their divisions The Jewish yearly cycle of Torah readings is divided into weekly portions. Each portion—in Hebrew, a parashah—is part of a sequential reading of the Torah [aka. The Five Books of Moses, The Chumash, or the Pentateuch] so that the whole of the Torah is read within a yearly cycle. [Some Jewish communities follow a Triennial Torah reading. TorahAnytime.com | Over 100,000 Free Torah Video and Audio Lectures By 100s of Rabbis and Speaker LIKUTEI SICHOT. Tradução em 70 Idiomas. Na margem do Jordão, na terra de Moav, Moshê começou a explicar a Torá, dizendo (Devarim 1:5) Por Rabino Eliahu Stiefelmann. ARTIGOS. Guerra? Para Quê The Four Parshiyot are special Torah readings added to regular weekly Torah readings in preparation for Pesach (Passover).These additional readings come from a different portion of the Torah than the regular weekly reading, and ordinarily require a separate Torah scroll, or at least a strong person to roll the scroll to the extra reading and a patient congregation to wait while he does it